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The Arrival Of Autumn Promises To Be Delicate For These Two Signs

This week again, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié wants to warn the less fortunate of the zodiac.

Here are the signs that will have a little trouble with the week of September 21 to 28, 2023.

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They passed the back-to-school challenge with flying colors, but the arrival of the autumn equinox pushed two astrological signs to their limits. While the beginning of autumn brings luck to certain astrological signs, others slide on dead leaves like pedaling through semolina. Nothing serious, however, we would like to remind you: that astrology is not inevitable. But if it turns out that your week is really difficult, you’ll know which planet to blame. Fortunately, Jean-Yves Espié has good advice to help those less fortunate at the start of autumn to quickly get back on track.

Horoscope: This Astro Sign Feels Destabilized This Week

Like every autumn, the Libra season and its tempo which recalls “Eat, pray, love” is not Aries ’ cup of tea. It must be said that Libra is its opposite and complementary sign. And for a sign as competitive as Aries, politeness season is a duplicitous form of attack. However, Jean-Yves Espié would like to point out that this is only a passing moment, a period of transition: “Your daily life will experience a change in tempo, it is time to seek support before devoting so much pay attention to those around you. » Because that’s also Libra season: learning to cooperate, live together, and play as a team. Although independent Aries will always prefer to leave the group to begin a solo career, they could use this time to learn how to tune their violins to those of others. The astrologer’s advice? “Share your natural energy and strength of will with those who think like you. »

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Horoscope: This Week, This Sign Will Have To Adapt

The good news is that he is very good at this game. It must be said that its element is Water, capable of taking any form: Pisces has what it takes to overcome this bad patch. Because even though the Sun enters Libra this week, it still opposes Neptune in Pisces. The planet of the fin sign is retrograde and on top of that, Mercury also turns its back on it. As a result, Pisces has the feeling of drinking the cup. “It would be better not to stick to your positions and to evolve according to circumstances to better adapt and obtain the support you need to move forward,” recommends Jean-Yves Espié. Do as usual and let yourself float, there is no point in swimming against the tide. Your natural letting go and good nature will be your best allies this week, as the astrologer points out: “Display your natural dispositions to cultivate good understanding thanks to your relational delicacy. »

The Arrival Of Autumn Promises To Be Delicate For These Two Signs

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