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The Arrival Of Autumn Brings Luck To These Three Signs

Every week, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié scans the sky to find the luckiest people in the zodiac.

Here are the three signs to whom the autumn equinox brings luck, this week from September 21 to 28, 2023.

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When it comes to fall, there are two teams. The one who lives in denial and continues to wear her floral dresses at all costs and the one to whom autumn makes you want to wallow in the dead leaves like a six-month-old labrador. What if we told you that astrology had a link with these moods? This week, the autumn equinox will be particularly pleasing to three signs of the zodiac, according to Jean-Yves Espié’s weekly horoscope. Who says autumn, says birthday season for Libra, tweed selfies with pumpkin spice latte option. A cozy atmosphere, in the sky too, which makes the three happy.

Horoscope: A Great Week On The Professional Side, For This Astro Sign

He is not idle, at the start of the 2023 school year. He who only had “lazing around” on his lips this summer is returning to service in all sectors of his life: the Lion is starting the fall with a bang. If the retrograde of Venus (relationships) in his constellation blocked him somewhat, it ended with a happy ending. A beneficial atmosphere for Leo, as Jean-Yves Espié explains: “The presence of Venus gives you relational flexibility to find the right compromises. Finally, the passage of Mercury in your financial sector bodes well for good professional prospects. » Yes, the planet of communication is also getting involved and promises the cosmic feline more fluidity and opportunities. The icing on the cake? Mars in Libra which gives Leo the desire to embark on his projects and seduce again. “The support provided by the red planet allows you to get back on track with your projects with regularity,” concludes the astrologer. It was worth coming back from vacation.

Horoscope: The Stars Align For This Sign This Week

She shines, does projects in spades, and completes others with flying colors: Libra begins her season with the grace that characterizes her. In short, it’s his moment, his turn to shine. Literally, since Libra season means the Sun visits its constellation. For Jean-Yves Espié, it is precisely the Sun that gives him the most support this week, “which translates into a better understanding of your objectives”. Libras see more clearly, have their minds in turmoil but remain focused: a winning combo. Especially since another star is currently watching over them. “Mars will bring you increased energy,” says the astrologer. Take this opportunity to roll up your sleeves and express your wants and needs unambiguously. » the planet of action and desires is also found in Libra and pushes it to assert itself, to move forward, to dare. Between the Sun and Mars, the week promises to be as exciting as it is promising: those who usually hesitate so much are getting started.

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Horoscope: A Week Of Success Awaits For This Sign

He hasn’t had this much momentum since the season of Gemini, his fellow Air sign. The independent Aquarius feels the wind turning and filling the sails of his ship: here we go again. “The arrival of the Sun in the sign of Air marks a milestone which translates for you into an increase in morale and the ability to take things in hand,” analyzes Jean-Yves Espié. The ball is once again in the court of the Air signs and Aquarius intends to take advantage of it. In the sky, Uranus, the home planet of Aquarius, is on very good terms with the Sun, but not only that. Pluto, the star of transformations, is about to stop retrograde and forms a beneficial angle with Uranus. For Aquarius, this is the start of the green light. A determined mood that is only reinforced by Mars in Libra which “stimulates your achieving will, which helps you overcome obstacles and manage constraints with ease”. In any case, they love not being like everyone else: loving the rain and the gray is their new passion.

The Arrival Of Autumn Brings Luck To These Three Signs

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