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3 Zodiacs That Will Likely Fall In Love This Autumn

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Everyone is looking for love. The planets and sun are aligning for these zodiacs this Autumn.


Libra season runs from September 23 to October 22. This Fall will be your time to shine. Libras are romantic zodiacs who love to charm others with their compassionate and sensual energy. This Autumn, love should be waiting around the corner for you. With the sun supercharging your Libra spirit, you will feel empowered to go after a love connection. You might feel inclined to take a risk if it means you can have the chance to fall in love.

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On September 29, the first full moon of Autumn will be in Aries. This is the perfect time for you to look for a love connection. Aries’s full moon will leave you with high energy to go after what you want. You might be feeling strong emotions during this time, but it might be the perfect time for you to take a risk. You are already a zodiac who tends to go after what you want, so you will feel an even stronger need to look for love. Chances are, you will find what you are looking for.

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Scorpio season runs from October 23 to November 21 when the sun moves into Scorpio, so you’ll be feeling the mysterious spirit of Scorpio this season. Mars also moves into Scorpio on October 12th, giving you an extra sense of power this Autumn. You might feel more inclined to take romantic risks. Sun and Mars in Scorpio will give you the chance to make a change in your life concerning love, allowing your heart to open up.

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3 Zodiacs That Will Likely Fall In Love This Autumn

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