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5 Zodiacs Who Have Been Feeling Starved For Love This October

You deserve to feel loved, but sometimes, you might start to question how much others care. You might feel like you’re alone in the world. Here are some zodiacs who are feeling starved for love this October:


Normally, you’re fine on your own because you’re one of the most independent signs in the zodiac, but lately you’ve been craving attention. Affection. Proof that other people care. Even though you know you shouldn’t need outside validation in order to feel good about yourself, you really wish that you had someone to share things with lately. You wish you had someone who was always by your side, who was a real ride or die. You know that you don’t need anyone else, that you’re capable of surviving on your own, but that doesn’t mean that you want to remain on your own. It would be nice to feel loved.


You are a hopeless romantic. You’re always searching for love, and this October is no different. You wish that you had someone who was there to support you and encourage you, someone who was excited to spend quality time with you and bond with you every single day. As a Libra, you love the idea of love. You can’t get enough romance. Even though you have plenty of people in this world who care about you, you wish you felt that love more lately.


You’re always giving love to others, but sometimes, you wish they would return the favor. You wish that you weren’t always the one who was reaching out first and planning events. Even though it brings you joy to do favors for others, and you honestly don’t mind being there for them when they need you, you wish that the roles were reversed sometimes. You wish you had proof that the people you care about so much cared about you too. Sometimes you question their intentions. Sometimes you wonder whether they’re only using you – but a little love would go a long way toward changing your mind.


You’re such a hard worker with a million things on your plate. You wish you had more time to dedicate to romance, but lately, you’ve been swarmed with other responsibilities. You haven’t had time to pursue the people that you would love to spend time with, and as a result, you’ve been feeling starved for love this October. You’ve been feeling like you’re in this world alone – even though that’s not true at all. But since you’ve spent so much time working your butt off lately, you haven’t had time for fun. You haven’t had time for love. And you want that to change.


Pisces, you can never get enough of your favorite people. You want to see them every second of every day. It’s never enough for you, which is why you’ve been feeling starved for love lately. Even though you’ve been getting breadcrumbs, that isn’t good enough to satisfy you. It isn’t enough to keep you happy with your current situation. You want so much more, and you aren’t going to settle for less.

5 Zodiacs Who Have Been Feeling Starved For Love This October

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