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How Each Zodiac Responds To Meeting The ‘Big’ Love Of Their Life

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Aries finding their ‘big’ love affects the rest of the world as much as it does them. Because when Aries knows in their heart that they’ve found the one, it’s time to officially take themselves off of the market, and well, the market doesn’t always respond in a mature or pleasant way. People get blocked, exes who try to slide back into the DMs are rebuffed, and there is a general period of defense Aries needs to play until things settle down. They can’t help that they’ve been a big ticket item for so long, but they are built to protect what they love most. Their partners will see this in the end.

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Taurus will stubbornly try to hold onto the routines of singledom, even after meeting the ‘big’ love of their life. It’s not that they’re incapable of change, it just takes them a second to differentiate between accommodating a partner and abandoning their personality. They are loyal friends and feel a loss when they have to give up certain routines and behaviors they’ve cherished for years. But coming home at ten instead of two a.m. is not the sacrifice they fear it to be. Once they see how much happier they are, and how stable their life feels because they’ve adapted to the partnership, they’ll feel the change was worth it.

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Gemini stresses out big time when they meet the ‘big’ love of their life, but not for the reasons you’d imagine. Gemini has so many responsibilities to attend to, it’s so hard for them to resist the urge to throw them all out the window when they meet their life partner. So they try to overcompensate by taking the opposite approach and trying to put their relationship second to everything else because they don’t feel they deserve to prioritize the things that make them happiest. It takes them a long time to change that mindset, but the right person will have the patience and understanding to see the inner battle Gemini is waging.

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Cancer doesn’t have much of a reaction to meeting the ‘big’ love of their life. It’s more of a door’s-opencome-on-inI’ve-been-waiting-for-you kind of vibe. They’ve had such an open attitude to finding love, endless patience, and perseverance, that finding their person is simply the logical conclusion to their ongoing efforts. They did the mental and emotional work to prepare for this, are ready to do the work, and have realistic expectations for what day-to-day life with a soulmate looks like. There’s a lot of dishes and laundry involved, but that doesn’t mean there’s any less love.

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Leo has to tell every and anyone they know once they’ve found the ‘big’ love of their life. And of course, that includes parading their new partner around to all of their favorite spots and introducing them to their entire social and familial circles. Leo’s joy is infectious, and they can’t help needing to share it with the world. Their lives have transformed, for the better, and this feels so new, so novel to them, they feel an inner responsibility to show everyone they know that this is possible for them too. Eventually, they’ll come down from the clouds and back to earth, but those initial few weeks and months are a dream come true for them.

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Virgo feels safest in denial. They’ve been through enough heartbreak and disappointment to put their eggs immediately into the ‘big’ love basket, no matter how obvious it is to them (and everyone else around them) that this is the one. They’re no stranger to loss and loneliness, so much so that it’s become more of a comfort zone than having someone dependable by their side. The thing is, having something that incredible means there is something to lose, and the more precious and irreplaceable that relationship is, the more pressure Virgo feels not to screw it up.

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Libra, strangely enough, feels slightly guilty after meeting the ‘big’ love of their life. Everything about the connection is so much more powerful and overwhelming than any relationship they’ve been in before, that it seems to upstage all of their romantic history, practically rendering it obsolete. Libra is a sentimental soul, who likes to give equal weight to their past and present. The whirlwind of finding the one leaves them disoriented and makes them question all of their past choices and feelings, but comparing adult love to teenage romance is like comparing brie to cheese whiz. They serve completely different purposes.

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Scorpio puts their partner through the Squid Games, with no remorse for the potential damage they could experience along the way. Feeling that someone is their ‘big’ love isn’t enough to make Scorpio believe, they need to test this person, multiple times, and be assured they pass with flying colors. Scorpio is skeptical at best and doesn’t feel any guilt when it comes to doubt or lack of trust. You don’t get a free pass with them until you give them a reason to question you. You have to demonstrate that you deserve your trust before they hand it over.

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Sagittarius is like a golden retriever when it comes to love. Meeting the ‘big’ one gets them all wound up and ready for action. They’ll think up a million date ideas, plan vacations, meal prep, start a shared calendar, note your shoe size, any and everything to throw themselves in head first. They’re not afraid of getting burned along the way. When they are in it, they assume all risk, believing wholeheartedly that you’re worth it. They will eventually wear themselves out at some point, so be ready to tuck them in for a nap before they pass out on the floor from exhaustion.

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Capricorn just keeps chugging along when their ‘big’ love comes into the picture. They are creatures of habit after all, and anyone who is their soulmate will love them just the way they are, routines included. Capricorn will include their partner where it makes sense and they want to be included. An extra cup of coffee in the morning, pickle ball doubles, running weekend errands. But they also create and reserve space for each person to preserve their individuality. They know their partner has had their own way of doing things up until now, and they don’t force them to change just for the relationship.

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Aquarius is the sets-out-a-new-toothbrushmakes-room-in-a-drawer, starts-buying-your-preferred-coffee-creamer kind of partner. They are without a doubt always ready to welcome the one into their life. They’ve thought it through, and have formed a specific opinion on the matter, and there’s a full checklist to go with it. When the ‘big’ love of their life comes into the picture, it’s go-time, and not unlike a Formula 1 pit crew, speed is of the essence. Aquarius wants you to see their initiative on display, in an only-green-flags, nothing-to-hide, no-games-to-play kind of way.

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When Pisces meets their ‘big’ love, it’s a huge release for them. The floodgates open, and it’s finally time for them to spill all the thoughts, feelings, and experiences they’ve never told anyone about. Pisces is looking for that totally open kind of relationship, so going through all of their diaries since childhood is basically required reading for the syllabus. They’ve been saving so much for their future soulmate that the first few months of the relationship can feel like playing ‘catch up’. They do such a good job painting the picture of who they are, it becomes an instruction manual for their partners.

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How Each Zodiac Responds To Meeting The ‘Big’ Love Of Their Life

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