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5 Zodiacs Who Are Already Feeling Burnt Out This October

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Spooky season is supposed to be the best time of the year – but sometimes, the month doesn’t go as planned. Sometimes, it feels like exhaustion is setting in on you and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. But the good thing is, you’re not in this alone. Here are a few zodiacs who have been feeling burnt out this October:


Aries, you love to move at one hundred miles per hour – but that pace isn’t sustainable. If you keep pushing yourself to take on more and more tasks, then you’re going to exhaust yourself. You’re already close to running on fumes, so please, go easy on yourself for the rest of the month. Recognize that you aren’t superhuman and that you do have limits. Even though you love a good challenge, it’s not healthy to push yourself this hard. You need to be gentle with yourself. Be kind to yourself.

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Cancer, you are always running around doing fifty things at once. You like to keep yourself occupied because if you slow down, you have too much time to think. Too much time to worry. You would rather fill your schedule so you feel like you’re contributing something to this world – but you have to remember that you have value outside of how many people you help or how much work you get done. You deserve to rest when you’re feeling tired. Don’t feel guilty for not being there for everyone because you need to be there for yourself.

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Leo, you feel like you can take on anything because you’re brimming with confidence and energy. Plus, you have drive. You have the desire to make something of yourself. You won’t let yourself rest for long because you understand that success requires sacrifice. However, you shouldn’t be sacrificing your mental health. You shouldn’t be pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion in order to cross things off your to-do list a little bit faster. You should be keeping a steady pace because that’s more sustainable. That’s more realistic. While you might be able to manage a million things right now, you won’t be able to keep that up forever. So please, rest when you need it. Don’t burn yourself out.

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Sagittarius, you like to make a joke out of everything, even your own stress. But this is no laughing matter. If you keep pushing yourself this hard, you’re going to end up hurting yourself. You need to do your body and mind a favor by slowing down a little. Try to enjoy the rest of October instead of rushing to get a million things done. You can always work tomorrow. Today, give yourself the rest that you should’ve given yourself long ago.

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Pisces, you don’t like to complain. You don’t want to make anyone around you feel uncomfortable and you understand that other people have it worse than you, so you don’t want to whine. However, you’re allowed to have negative feelings. You’re allowed to feel exhausted. You don’t have to feel guilty for resting, for needing a break. You are doing your best every single day, and that gets tiring after a while. This world is a lot for even the strongest people to handle, so don’t feel weak or lesser for taking a break. You need one.

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5 Zodiacs Who Are Already Feeling Burnt Out This October

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