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The Toxic Thought That Could Ruin Each Zodiac’s October

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Stop telling yourself that one specific milestone will lead to ultimate happiness. Landing your dream job or finding your dream person would be wonderful, but it’s not going to magically change everything about your world. And if you’re only focused on reaching that goal, you’re going to be miserable until you do. Try to find happiness today, along the journey.

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Stop telling yourself that trying is a waste of time. If you’re working on something that you’re passionate about and are having a fun time, then it’s not a waste. You should be proud of yourself for trying. That effort is going to be rewarded one day, so keep going. Don’t give up on yourself yet.

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Stop telling yourself that you have fallen behind because your peers have made more progress than you in their careers and relationships. Timelines aren’t going to look the same for everyone, and what you should have done by now is only a matter of opinion. It’s not fact.

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Stop telling yourself that they would change if they loved you enough. Their love for you is irrelevant. They are in control of their own decisions and you cannot change them. You cannot make them see the error of their ways. If they are not going to do something about their behavior, then all you can do is leave. They’ve left you no choice.

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Stop telling yourself that you’re overreacting whenever you experience a negative emotion. Your reactions are valid. Your opinions are valid. You shouldn’t discount the way you’re feeling or pretend that you’re perfectly find when you’re suffering. Be honest with the world – or at least with yourself.

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Stop telling yourself that hope is dangerous. It’s good to have hope for the future, to recognize your potential, to know that good things are awaiting you in the future. Don’t be afraid to set your expectations and standards high. Don’t be afraid to dream big.

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Stop telling yourself that you aren’t as good (or as smart or as pretty) as the people surrounding you. Comparisons are only going to make you miserable, so try not to compare your journey to anyone else’s journey. Their successes are not your failures. They are on a completely different path that says nothing about yours.

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Stop telling yourself that your loved ones are better off without you. They love you, even though you might not love yourself fully yet. You shouldn’t disappear from their lives and distance yourself because you believe you aren’t deserving of them. Accept their love. Accept that they really do care and let yourself care too.

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Stop telling yourself that you’re stupid – stupid for trusting someone who hurt you, stupid for failing at a task, stupid for not meeting your own expectations. You are not stupid. You were making the smartest decisions you could with the information you had at the time. You are doing your personal best and that’s all you can ask from yourself.

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Stop telling yourself that every single thing you do has to be perfect. That’s a recipe for procrastination because you’re never going to try unless you feel one hundred percent ready. But most of the time, you won’t feel ready – and you need to do the damn thing anyway. It’s the only way you’ll grow.

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Stop telling yourself that the world is out to get you and no one can be trusted. Yes, bad things have happened and it’s natural for you to slide toward pessimism. It’s natural for you to raise your guard and be careful about who you trust. However, there are beautiful moments in this world too, and beautiful people within it, and if you’re only expecting the bad, you could miss out on the good.

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Stop telling yourself that it’s too late to chase after your dreams. You can change course at any time. You can decide to start over at any age. Realizing that you’re in the wrong place and want to try something new is not embarrassing. It’s brave, and you should be proud of yourself for taking the leap.

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The Toxic Thought That Could Ruin Each Zodiac’s October

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