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6 Zodiacs Who Need To Be Kinder To Themselves This October

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You shouldn’t tear yourself apart every time you glance in the mirror, every time you make the smallest mistake. You are valuable and it’s time for you to recognize that. Even though it’s not easy to change the way you look at yourself, you need to try. Especially if you fall under one of these zodiac signs who need to be kinder to themselves this October:

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You need to stop treating yourself like a punching bag. Stop blaming yourself whenever the smallest thing in your world goes wrong. Even though you are a ‘control freak,’ you can’t control everything. You’re not in charge of every little thing that happens, which means you’re not at fault for every bad thing that happens. Stop acting like you’re responsible for it all. Accept that sometimes you’re powerless. Sometimes it has nothing to do with you.

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Libra, you are kind to everyone you meet, even people who don’t necessarily deserve it – so why can’t you extend that same level of grace to yourself? Why are you giving others the respect that you fail to give to the person staring you back in the mirror? You need to practice self-care and self-love this October because you deserve to feel good about yourself. You deserve to see your worth. It doesn’t matter if anyone else recognizes it as long as you recognize it yourself.

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You’re way too hard on yourself. You hold yourself to incredibly high standards that you cannot possibly reach – not because you’re not good enough. But because you’re only human. You have to give yourself room to fail, space to breathe, time to rest. You can’t keep pushing yourself to your limits or you’re going to end up miserable. Give yourself credit for all that you’ve done lately, and give yourself a rest. You have earned it.

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Things might not be going your way lately, but that doesn’t give you permission to talk horribly about yourself. You are doing the best that you can, and you need to celebrate that. You need to recognize how hard you’ve been working, how much effort you’ve been putting in every single day. You know that you’re a hard worker, so stop tearing yourself apart. You need to be kinder to yourself because you’re trying your hardest and that’s all that matters.

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You act like you have your shit together, but you aren’t all that confident when you’re alone with your own thoughts. You have insecurities, just like everyone else. Even though you always fake it until you make it, you deserve to genuinely feel good about yourself. It shouldn’t have to be an act. You should work toward loving yourself because there are so many beautiful aspects about you. You are more beautiful, more talented, and more intelligent than you think.

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You are a dreamer, so you’re always chasing after lofty goals. That passion is a wonderful, beautiful thing – but you don’t want it to backfire on you. You don’t want to get frustrated with yourself for how long it’s taking you to succeed. Remember, success looks different to everyone, and it reaches everyone at different times. You’re getting there, so don’t hate yourself for taking this long. Love yourself for even trying.

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6 Zodiacs Who Need To Be Kinder To Themselves This October

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