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The One Dark Trait Of Every Zodiac Sign

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You can be vain and self-absorbed at times and let your need for attention and outside validation make you forget that other people deserve to shine or become too competitive toward others. Don’t let your hunger for the spotlight detract from your relationships and friendships.

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You can be cold and callous when you stonewall people or give them the silent treatment. Remember to be grateful to those who have actually supported you and stop disrespecting people who you’re lucky to have in your life. You’re prone to supporting shady people who cause destruction in the world. Do better in discerning who truly deserves your appreciation and mind the company you keep because who you surround yourself with can reveal your character.

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Your toxic temper could set the world on fire and your ability to hold a grudge even over minor slights lasts a lifetime. Like the Scorpio, you are ruthless and cutthroat in your pursuit of vengeance. It’s true your warmth and kindness should be reciprocated with kindness in turn and not cruelty, but remember to harness your feisty nature toward something productive so you benefit. Don’t let your naysayers win and keep your focus on the prize.

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You try to deflate the joy of others with your pessimistic attitude and rain on people’s parade. Try not to be so moody and let others enjoy things. You can be too coldhearted and analytical about emotionally charged situations and lack empathy for the emotions of others. Like the Aquarius, you can sometimes be very ungrateful for the support others have given you.

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You demand perfection in others, constantly nitpicking and criticizing people while ignoring your own shortcomings and flaws – it’s time to look in the mirror. You can be too attention-seeking at times to the point of being inauthentic. You may even go so far as throwing innocent people under the bus, or stealing admirable parts of people’s personalities and ideas in an attempt to get praise and attention. You try to take credit for the labor of others; this can be a major turn-off and unsavory behavior, and it only makes you look worse in the eyes of others.

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You’re a high performer yet sometimes let insecurity and paranoia get the best of you to the point of being impatient and impulsive; remember that there is no competition because there is only one you. A healthy Aries will use their ambition for the greater good but if an Aries is toxic they might try to use underhanded methods to get ahead.

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You can be greedy and entitled to “cut in line” and not wait your turn. You lash out when you’re envious of someone who has what you covet and expect immediate abundance from the universe – yet you are stingy yourself and not generous with others. You put on a show of waterworks to garner sympathy even after you’ve harmed someone.

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You let your stubbornness make you act egotistical and entitled even in situations where it may harm others. You are most likely to withdraw physical affection and attention even after love bombing and flirting with someone. Consider the idea you’re not always right and remember not to be accidentally mean-spirited toward people who haven’t done you any harm.

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You wear a false mask to please others and need to take more of a stand: not every story has “two sides,” and sometimes there’s a clear perpetrator so be careful not to become an enabler by being too diplomatic.

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You have a thirst for vengeance and a calculating nature to achieve revenge that is terrifying. You play the fool all while hatching a devious plot. It’s good to teach bullies a lesson, but make sure you stay out of jail while doing so.

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You are duplicitous and can be deceptive and two-faced, pretending to be on someone’s side one minute only to gossip about them the next minute; you’re a master of pitting people against each other.

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You can be controlling, possessive, and manipulative when it comes to romantic relationships. You like to create chaos and pretend to be innocent when you are called out, gaslighting others into believing you didn’t deliberately set out to provoke people. Particularly power-hungry and attention-seeking Cancers can try to interfere in the relationships of others to try to get affection and love and forego any empathy in the process. Plausible deniability is your favorite game.

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The One Dark Trait Of Every Zodiac Sign

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