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4 Zodiacs Who Are The Most Low Maintenance In Love

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Scorpios can be intimidating romantic partners; however, at their core, they are extremely low maintenance. When a partner is honest, loyal, and attentive, Scorpio has very few other demands. They don’t need expensive dates or frequent gifts, and they accept their partners as they are. There is no strict dress code or career goal requirements. Scorpio just wants someone who is willing to open up to them and keep an open mind. They want to know they’re with a good person who is genuinely interested in them. They revel in the simple things

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Taurus may be stubborn, but they are really easy to take care of. Feed them in regular intervals, don’t be too controlling, and lend them an open ear when they have a bone to pick with someone. Above all else, they are looking for a confidante. They don’t need you to fake a smile when you’re exhausted or facing emotional struggles. They just want you there. They don’t care about optics, social media posts, or the ‘trendiness’ of the relationship. They want something that compares to the relationship their parents have. In a world where relationships can fail for any amount of reasons, they want one that can weather a storm.

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Pisces just needs you to pass them the Kleenex. It could be a book, song, or movie (or just a weed sprouting out of the sidewalk), but being with a Pisces means that something, somewhere is going to prompt waterwork. Your job is to be ready and willing to support them. They don’t need you to love all their friends, or share all their interests. You can even get annoyed by their parents, and Pisces will cut you some slack. As long as you give their emotions the space and respect they deserve, you don’t have to jump through other hoops.

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Aquarius has one relationship test. And once you pass it, you can virtually do no wrong. The rule is simple: When a dog walks by on the street, you must turn your attention to said creature. No matter the conversation, the weather, or incoming traffic, the rule must be obeyed. As long as they can see you have a soft spot for animals, an Aquarius will let you fart up a storm, eat their leftovers, and sleep with your mouth open. Nothing embarrassing or unattractive will be enough to cause a rift. They’re not expecting much more than someone who is pure of heart.

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4 Zodiacs Who Are The Most Low Maintenance In Love

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