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The 3 Zodiac Signs That Prefer Calling To Texting

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Cancer, you’re the heart of the zodiac; your sign is deeply rooted in feelings, family, and close connections. Represented by the crab, you sometimes shield your sensitive nature behind a protective exterior. You tend to prefer to call someone rather than text them – while any opportunity to chat with your loved ones is a good one, you’re a sentimental sign. You like to be able to hear other’s voices and be able to gauge how they’re doing while they’re talking to you. Phone calls also make you feel comfortable, supported, and cared for – and they allow you to show appreciation for those you’re speaking with.

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Taurus, you’re an earth sign ruled by Venus, which makes you appreciate comfort and coziness a little more than the other signs. For you, texting can sometimes feel impersonal. You’re a loyal sign that likes to form connections with those you care about – when you call someone, you’re genuinely interested in having a conversation. This also means that you prefer to catch up with those you care about without needing to wait for them to text you back. You’re a reliable person, Taurus, and being able to call the other people in your life is one of your favorite ways to give them your support.

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Pisces, you’re a sensitive sign that tends to be pretty good at communication. You like to have deep conversations with other people, and that’s not always easy to do over text. For you, there’s probably nothing that beats talking to someone face-to-face, but getting to hop on a phone call and hear their voice is definitely better than texting. You’re also a fan of long conversations – even if you’re not a rambler, it’s much easier for you to keep a conversation going over the phone than via text.

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The 3 Zodiac Signs That Prefer Calling To Texting

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