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6 Reasons Why November Scorpios Are Never To Be Messed With

Here are six reasons why November Scorpios are never to be messed with.

1. They are observant as hell.

In the words of Nicki Minaj, “I just sit back and observe.” This is a November Scorpio’s motto, too. A November Scorpio notices quite literally everything. Whether it’s a slight change in someone’s behavior, energy, or tone of voice, there is nothing that gets past this water sign.

2. They are revenge seekers.

November Scorpios are as vindictive as they come. If you ever cross a November Scorpio, sleep with one eye open because they will make sure you get what is coming your way. Revenge is a dish best served by a November Scorpio, as the saying goes.

3. They can see right through your lies (even if they act like they believe you).

A November Scorpio’s intuition is truly unmatched. Coupled with their strong observational skills, Scorpio will be able to detect dishonesty with ease. However, they won’t let you know that they know. Instead, they’ll come up with a way to beat you at your own game (see point number two).

4. They are insanely difficult to read.

And this is by design. A November Scorpio keeps everything they’re thinking, feeling, or doing under wraps. Their private ways keep them safe (and keep you guessing).

5. They’re intensely loyal.

A November Scorpio is passionate about the people they let into their world, and will do pretty much anything to keep them safe. If you mess with one of theirs, know that a November Scorpio will make sure their loved one is avenged.

6. They will always be one step ahead of you.

And if you need further proof, Kris Jenner is a November Scorpio. The devil works hard, but November Scorpios work harder. You’ve been warned.

6 Reasons Why November Scorpios Are Never To Be Messed With

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