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The Signs That Have Been Looking For Happiness In The Wrong Places All Their Lives. Where Will They Find It, Actually!

We are human and we all make mistakes. Our happiness depends on the choices we make, and sometimes they are not the best!

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The signs that have been looking for happiness in the wrong places all their lives


You believe that what will bring you happiness is control. You are the conqueror, the warrior, the colonizer, conquering everything that comes your way.

You see yourself as a trailblazer, exploring new horizons, but in reality, your tough approach pushes anything away before it has a chance to get close to you.

You’re afraid of what’s different, and why it’s unknown, so you try to crush it before something bad happens. This means you never give anything good to happen.

Happiness comes from living in harmony with the people around you.

From listening to others and learning from them. From becoming part of something bigger than yourself, from not trying to dominate everything around you.

You need community, not a dictatorship.

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You grew up in a very competitive environment.

You played sports, auditioned for the lead role, and always had the highest test scores. And people praised you for your performance.

So you’ve learned to equate winning with happiness, and you’ve ingrained somewhere deep inside that losing will make you look like hell.

And you never thought about the third option, which has nothing to do with the competition.

To run just for the thrill of the movement, not in a race.

Acquiring non-judgmental skills, such as learning to grow plants or knit.

There are ways to make yourself feel proud of yourself that don’t require praise from anyone but you. Here you will find your true happiness.

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You think happiness is safe. In the game by the rules. In saving as much as possible and wearing sunscreen, even on days when you don’t leave the house.

Although there is nothing terrible in either case, you must learn how to treat yourself in order to find satisfaction in life.

A life without coffee and avocado will save you some money in the long run, but if you never spend it on anything meaningful, then you’re doing it for nothing.

Your choices need a purpose behind them. Living within your means doesn’t mean you have to live drastically below them.

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You have this notion that happiness means giving all of yourself to others.

Be your best friend, parent, therapist, coach, or loved one. And never ask for anything in return.

You see yourself as this endless source of love, and if you just give, give, give, your life will have purpose and meaning, and you’ll never have to be sad because you mean so many things to so many people.

The truth is, even your batteries run out and need to be recharged. You can’t do everything alone and you need reciprocity in life.

It doesn’t make you any less admirable. You need people who will give back what you give and encourage you to grow and evolve. There you will find your happiness.

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The Signs That Have Been Looking For Happiness In The Wrong Places All Their Lives. Where Will They Find It, Actually!

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