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4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Help But Pour Their Hearts Out

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Leos are used to having a full audience to hear their every whim, problem, controversy, discovery, achievement, and aspiration. They have a never-ending list of friends to catch up with on group chats or over drinks, and it conditions them to be just as vocal and communicative in their relationships. Maybe a Leo will take a middle-school telephone approach and have their social circle drop the initial hints of a crush to the object of their affection, but once a relationship has taken off, they will never hold back their feelings. They are the ones who say “I love you” first, the ones who want to make up first in a fight, the ones who really bare their souls whether or not they’re sure their feelings are reciprocated. Because so many people in their lives are so interested in what they think or how they feel, they don’t have any trepidation when it comes to putting it all on the table with a partner.


Geminis don’t know any other way to live than to over communicate. They make intentional plans, set clearly defined boundaries, constantly give people heads ups, trigger warnings, and realistic expectations. Because they’re juggling so many responsibilities at once, they see this as the only fair way to operate, especially in their romantic relationships. So they will tell someone how they’re actually feeling on a first date, a third date, the moment they fall in love, because they’re always wanting to ensure you’re both on the same page or allow you the opportunity to communicate when you’re not. There’s nothing they want less than to invest time and energy into someone who’s not feeling them, so however harsh the sting of rejection may be, they’d rather know sooner than later. It takes an immense amount of guts to operate in this way, and be so sensitive at the same time, but that’s the duality of a Gemini.


A Sagittarius is a natural-born motor-mouth. They talk faster than they’re able to think. Often burning themselves with their own bluntness, they see love as a kind of impromptu speech assignment. They just start explaining how they are feeling as a method to interpret those sensations in the moment while they’re still figuring everything out. They see it as a great starting point for a relationship, a puzzle that two people can work out together, especially if the feelings are novel or more intense than any others they’ve encountered in the past. To a Sagittarius, falling in love is a unique experience shared by two people alone. In their eyes, it’s not possible to truly fall in love unless someone is doing it right beside you. They may get ahead of themselves at times with their own enthusiasm, but you just have to treat them like the golden retrievers that they are. Their excitement is as genuine as their loyalty.


A Pisces will pour out their heart to you in the most roundabout way imaginable. They’ll write a novel about you and then let you read the draft. They’ll share movies, songs, pictures, memes, TV shows, and poems that are a subtle nod to the depths of their feelings for you. They will make it known, in every little thing that they do, say, and think, that they are committed to the relationship you are both pursuing. They just need the right partner to interpret their hints and symbols and messages. Someone who can keep up and follow the same thought train that they’re on. The most fun is when you can reciprocate and keep the volley going between the two of you. Being with a Pisces means everything is deeper, more meaningful, and more romantic. They’ll never utter anything as mundane as, “Hey, I like you,” but you can be sure that whatever way they choose to communicate the same sentiment will take your breath away.

4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Help But Pour Their Hearts Out

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