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The 12 Zodiac Signs As Obscure Phobias


Phobophobia: Fear of phobias

You like to be the bravest person in the room. You’d like to think that you aren’t afraid of anything and BOOM, you’re afraid of fear itself. Fear doesn’t make you weak, Aries.


Myrmecophobia: Fear of ants

You’re the homebody of the zodiac, so the idea of spending any length of time outside starts to make you feel itchy. And adding in a little bug that’ll surely climb on you while doing it? No thanks.


Pedophobia: Fear of kids

There’s just something about the perpetually sticky fingers, the random tantrums, the never-ending questions of “why?” Of the entire zodiac, you’re the least likely to like kids.


Thalassophobia: Fear of open water

You might love water, love swimming, but when you’re in your feelings and questioning the very fabric of the universe? Yeah, large bodies of water just make you uncomfortably question your place in the world.


Gamophobia: Fear of marriage

There’s that hump you find impossible to get over that turns a fun, casual fling into something more. Long-term committment? Gross.


Eisoptrophobia: Fear of mirrors

You’re the self-conscious zodiac sign. You don’t like to look at yourself for too long, whether literally or with internal work, because you’ll start to hate everything you see.


Nomophobia: Fear of being without your cell phone

If you looked up your phone usage in your settings, you’d probably find it depressing. Still, you’d still rather suffer through endless doom-scrolling than be without it.


Plutophobia: Fear of money

You’re the frugal one. Everyone calls you stingy, but you’re just acutely aware that you could lose your job at any time, and then where would you be? No spending money for you, Scorpio.


Ergophobia: Fear of work

Honestly, if you could spend the rest of your days in a hammock on the beach while drinking strawberry daiquiris and reading suspense novels, you would. Work? No thanks.


Somniphobia: Fear of sleep

Why sleep when there’s so much to do? Imagine how much you could get done if you never slept ever again. And considering the quality of your sleep is absolute trash, it’s no surprise you feel that way.


Phonophobia: Fear of sound

You just want to be left alone with your projects and hobbies. People trying to talk to you? No thanks. The dripping faucet? Your mortal enemy. Noise-canceling headphones are your best friends.


Numerophobia: Fear of numbers

Why do math when calculators or your smart friends can do it for you? You’d prefer to do all the creative pursuits and leave the numbers to the experts.

The 12 Zodiac Signs As Obscure Phobias

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