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How Each Zodiac Sign Handles A Friendship Breakup


Aries-born natives won’t hold back. If you cross them, you are essentially dead to them. In a friendship breakup, they will be the first to speak their truth. They never back down from an argument.


Taurus is no stranger to friendship breakups. At the start, they will always carefully consider where a friendship stands (as well as the potential for longevity). Once they make a choice, there is no turning back.


Gemini values true friendship and surrounds themselves with a loyal crew. They will turn cold when they feel underestimated or taken advantage of. In a friendship breakup, they are the first to confront issues.


It is challenging for a Cancer to let go of friendships and accept what is no longer meant for them. In a friendship breakup, they may beg and plead for reconciliation — hoping to change the other person’s mind.


Leos tends to cut people off when they feel disrespected or betrayed. They know that they are better off without toxicity in their life.


Libra is harmonious and balanced. They hate confrontation and chaos, so they avoid these situations altogether. They will quickly eliminate anyone who brings chaotic energy into their bubble.


Virgo has a ride-or-die mentality concerning all their relationships, especially friendships. If they do not feel the same energy in return, they will walk away.


A Scorpio has no issue cutting off someone who does them wrong. They wish they could forgive and forget, but their ego will not let them.


A Sag is full of life and vibrancy. They gravitate toward people who match their energy. They cannot stand a Debbie Downer or someone who is constantly complaining.


If you want a loyal and supportive ally in your corner, look no further than a Capricorn. They take pride in being a source of solace for their friends. They will not stick around if they feel taken advantage of or walked all over. Never mistake their kindness as a weakness.


An Aquarius tends to get bored or stagnant in friendships rather quickly. They will cut someone off if they are not vibing with that person that day. They can become cold and distant at the drop of a hat.


Pisces tend to isolate themselves to escape conflict or sit with their emotions. In a friendship, they want the other person to understand the space they need to cope independently.

How Each Zodiac Sign Handles A Friendship Breakup

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