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4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Help Competing For Everything


Aries is the sign that is always training for a competition, in a tortured-Olympic-athlete, Uma-Thurman-bloody-knuckles, Rocky-Balboa-in-a-gray-sweatsuit kind of way. They have that obsessive personality that will sacrifice anything to come out on top, no matter how long or how much effort it will take. They will prioritize a win over anything: sleep, financial stability, romance, friendships, health, safety, even their own mental health. They are willing to go to any extreme to test their own limits. Oftentimes they only discover that fine line and the outline of its borders by blowing past them and dealing with the resulting consequences—injuries, burn outs, disaster and despair. But even in those lowest of lows, an Aries will go back to the drawing board or the gym with a plan to expand their capabilities an inch further. It’s this never-ending pursuit that allows them to finish on top more often than not. Their competitors aren’t as willing to continuously destroy themselves in order to build back stronger.


Sagittarius is the sign who is most low-key competitive. They don’t want you to know they’re competing, because they hate that “trying-too-hard” vibe, but they are. They compete at things that most people don’t think twice about. The things that don’t have medals or prizes or recognition, and the impetus for their competitive nature is a desire to be the opposite of the thing that grates their nerves most. So, a Sagittarius is the kid who couldn’t stand it when people read aloud with no rhythm and terrible intonation and grows up to be the adult who practices every presentation in advance so that their audience never has to relive the annoyance they once experienced. They’re the partner who wants to outdo their significant other’s exes, who wants to plan the best vacations, make the most romantic memories. They want, more than anything, to be considered interesting, to align themselves with the characteristics and qualities they admire most, to tell jokes that produce genuine laughter, and above all else, to be considered likable.


Virgos love control, and to get that control, they have to climb their way to the top. A top that only exists because other people are under them. The titles, grades, rank lists, and other arbitrary markers that create lines and categories of better or worse from which Virgos can be compared to the rest of the world. The more they are honest with themselves that their hard work did not get them there alone, that chance, networking, support, and resources could have been the difference between the privileges they enjoy, and simply wishing for them, the harder they work. They have a need to prove that they deserve everything, personally. That even with the same luck and circumstances, they can go farther, work harder, be more successful than anyone else. These emotions work in their favor more often than not. They do rise to positions of exceptionalism, but when it’s all said and done, no matter how many people they’ve pleased along the way, however much they are compensated, the question always lingers of whether they’re satisfied with their own performance.


Geminis feel a constant pressure to be the best at everything. They have a need to be the All-American student, the employee of the month, the perfect spouse and parent, and on and on until they’re worthy of an epithet on their tombstone that simply says, in the words of the late Tina Turner, “The Best.” This need to perform stems from a deep sense of guilt when they disappoint anyone, most of all themselves. If their home is messy, it’s their fault for being lazy. If they don’t have time to finish a project, it’s their fault for not planning in advance or putting in extra hours. If someone isn’t a fan of them, then they must have done something—or not done something they should have. Everything is their own personal responsibility in their mind, and things like chance or free will or anything out of their control is simply an excuse. The smallest micro-failure has the power to push them to try harder, even when it’s literally impossible.

4 Zodiacs Who Can’t Help Competing For Everything

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