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This Sign Will Succeed In Everything He Does This Week

A hell of a lot of charisma and success would await this astrological sign at the turn, this week from August 28 to 05 September 2023, according to the horoscope of Jean-Yves Espié.

Whether or not he is one of the luckiest signs of this week of August 28, 2023, we know one who shines and not just a little. Yes, in astrology, just take a look at the current sky chart to know the signs that will have a great week. By analyzing the place of the planets and their angles, one can even determine which signs, according to astrology, will have a decadent success rate. And since good news is always a pleasure to hear, especially in the middle of the week, here is the encouragement that this astrological sign perhaps needed.

This Astrological Sign Is Pampered By The Stars This Week

It must be said that the arrival of summer is the favorite time of this sign. That, and her birthday season, of course, which is right around the corner. Because the sign that is about to be crowned with all the laurels this week is Leo . Sign of summer and sign of Fire (with Aries and Sagittarius), Leo already usually releases an energy that is more than charismatic, warm, radiant… In short, solar. And it is no coincidence that we use this word here, since the star of Leo is precisely the Sun, symbol of light, joy and love. Clearly, Leo is, for astrologers, the sign of love par excellence. And believe us, this week is for him the equivalent of a triple count letter in Scrabble.

“The presence of Venus and Mars in your sector suggests a protected and ideal period to highlight your natural qualities”, details Jean-Yves Espié in the horoscope of the week. The star of love and beauty combines with that of action and desire in the constellation of Leo to shine the spotlight on this sign. It redoubles its charm, magnetism and assurance. Venus provides Leo with a favorable moment to indulge in banter, flirtation, but also lightning encounters. After all, this is one of the most drama queen zodiac signs of all.

One Lucky Day In Particular Awaits This Sign

If the celestial feline surfs on a wave of serotonin all week, there is nevertheless a day which will be particularly favorable to him. At least, according to the stars. This Thursday, June 22 in particular is a lucky dayfor Leos. In addition to benefiting from a seduction, charisma and leadership bonus, Thursday will be a day of great creativity and bright ideas for the Leo. Indeed the Moon associates with Mars and Venus to bring out one of the greatest qualities of this sign: its creativity and its ease of expression. Clearly, you will hear him offer, speak, sing and even quote the tirade of Otis in “Asterix and Obelix mission Cleopatra in its entirety, at the coffee machine. As Jean-Yves Espié says, “a great energy to get practically everything you want in record time”.

This Sign Will Succeed In Everything He Does This Week

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