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5 Mistakes You Make While Dating An Aries (That’ll Get You Dumped)

While some zodiac signs pair well with Aries, like emotionally available and down-for-anything Cancers, others just seem to clash. Aries have fiery energy that can sometimes get them in trouble, but it also means that dating them can be exciting and full of spontaneous adventures. Of course, there are ways that you can royally screw this up. If you’re making any of these dating mistakes with your Aries love, you might end up getting dumped.

1. You never want to hear their opinion.

Aries love to share their opinions–and they have a lot of them. Whether it’s something small like their feelings on buttered toast, or monumental, like politics or social issues, Aries will live and die by their beliefs. But if you discount them? Ignore them? Tell them they’re wrong for their opinions? Your Aries won’t stand for it.

2. You never go along with their ideas.

Aries are spontaneous and love adventure. You’ll think you’re just having a quiet Sunday at home when they jump up with an idea to go hike to a nearby secret waterfall they just heard about on social media. Aries want a partner who is down for anything. If you never go along with their whims, they won’t want to feel stifled for long.

3. You’d prefer to just go on the same dates every time.

A vibrant Aries just doesn’t mix with a partner who’d prefer to go to the same place they’ve been a regular at for years. What’s the fun in that?

4. You insist on planning every detail.

This is why most Virgos and Aries don’t mesh well. The spontaneity of an Aries means they get an idea and want to act on it immediately. If you get itchy at the mere idea of acting before planning–and insist that your Aries partner feel the same–they won’t put up with that for long.

5. You aren’t clear about how you feel.

Aries say how they feel. They don’t have the type of insecure fear that makes others keep their opinions and desires to themselves. If they have a crush, they don’t keep it a secret for long, for instance. And most Aries like that same kind of open communication in return. They don’t want to wonder what you’re thinking. Openness is paramount for an Aries, and they’ll grow bored if they always have to decipher your actions.

5 Mistakes You Make While Dating An Aries (That’ll Get You Dumped)

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