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Surround Yourself With These Three Signs If You Want To Always Be In A Good Mood

With these happy fellows, your days can only be fun. These three astrological signs have the gift of making you smile and making you forget the depression.

A cosmic ranking is guaranteed to be 100% fun!

Kings of pranks and tricks, god of valves that make you laugh out loud, butts in the process of all tests. There are certain astrological signs that no situation can destabilize. While you spend your time brooding (yes, we’re talking about you Scorpios), they see life in pink and the glass is not half full, but overflowing. Energetic, optimistic, and endowed with a touch of madness, they will make you go from tears to fits of giggles in an instant. They are funny and they are worth it. Here is the most “fun” ranking of the zodiac, because we all need good vibes around us!

Humor And Optimism In The Zodiac Signs

It is well known that each astrological sign has different qualities and faults so that they all complement each other to create a harmonious and balanced whole. However, each of the twelve horsemen of the zodiac has its own sensitivity and therefore its own definition of what humor and joie de vivre are. If for some, daily life must be tinged with puns and constant jokes, for others, sharp little phrases will have an equally positive effect. “Every astrological archetype has the ability to laugh. Making people laugh is another story. Not everyone is hilarious by nature and that’s okay, ”recalls astrologer Ornella on his Instagram account @dansleshautesherbes.

There would therefore exist certain cosmic predispositions to make you the best clown or the worst killjoy. We will ignore the last ones that risk hurting our morale to focus on the most fun. These happy lads have received a gift from heaven: to be under the influence of Mercury (the planet of communication) or Jupiter(the lucky star). Better still, as true “cheerleaders”, they instantly manage to share their good humor to spread gentle waves around them. That is also a gift from the Sun, the sunniest and most radiant star of the zodiac. Thus, if you are not part of the following list, but it is the sign of your ascendant or you have a Mercurian or Jupiterian dominant, chances are that you are also one of these beings of light that we love to rub shoulders with. So remember to study your horoscope as a whole before crying treachery.

This Astrological Sign Has The Gift Of Making People Laugh Without Doing It On Purpose

fire sign that nothing can stop, he is the most clumsy of all the astrological signs. The natives of Sagittarius may take it badly, but we love it. For what? Every situation you experience with him is bound to turn into something absolutely improbable. Yes, Sagittarians have the gift of making us laugh without knowing it. And it doesn’t stop there. Protected by Jupiter, the star of luck, the cosmic centaur is endowed with unfailing optimism. You had planned to go wild camping with him. He forgot the tent, but promises you an extraordinary adventure? You could have been angry with him, but here he is, chaining the gags to make you realize that the main thing is to be together and have fun. Result: it is almost impossible to stay angry against a Sagittarius.

Capable of making you forget the reason for your anger or your heartache, you can count on him to create a crazy atmosphere at every moment. His humor is sometimes heavy, but his “uncle Jean-Louis who has just finished his third pastis” side is very endearing. It is no coincidence that this winter sign is said to be the spark in the cold. He breaks the ice in a smile and melts your heart in two sentences. A superpower that makes us love Sagittarius. Be careful all the same, to live with a Sagittarius, you have to know how to show a lot of self-mockery and not be too touchy. The more he understands how to make you laugh, the fewer limits he will have. Great for rainy days. Exhausting the rest of the time.

This Zodiac Sign Is The King Of Humor

Born with a mic in hand, this Air sign has it all. He masters the verbal game to perfection, he has the art and the way to make people smile. Result: The world could fall on his head, and he would continue to find the situation funny enough to make a valve. “Basically, if there were to be only one champion of humor, it would be Gemini,” says astrologer Ornella. Extreme comedy, nothing, and no one can put a Gemini in search of fun back. Last on the dance floor, first on the stage, he continues the “one-man show” with joy and lightness. A quality that makes him an outstanding friend and an ideal life partner so that everyday life is never gloomy.

Like Jamel Debbouze or Amy Schumer, our favorite Gemini stars, this colorful character makes us forget the meaning of the word “depression”. We also think that this term is not part of his vocabulary as his escapades are monumental. He always has the right words to transform a moment of embarrassment into a memorable moment and always responds to boost the morale of the troops. If with that, he does not deserve his place on the podium of the most playful and funniest signs of the zodiac, we resign upon receipt of your complaint.


If you are used to reading articles about Capricorn, maybe you feel like it’s a no-holds-barred party pooper. His credo: safety, work, and relentlessness. However, the astrologer who hides behind the nickname @dansleshautesherbes is convinced: “The one who hides his game best is Capricorn. Of absolute rigidity in appearance, he impresses with his sharp humor. How to explain this? It’s very simple, Capricorn needs to feel confident and secure to start letting go. Austere at first, it turns out to be damn funny and amusing once you get to know it. But beware, he has his own sense of humor and his own way of laughing. Omar Sy is living proof of this, this comedian full of sarcasm has mastered the art of making others laugh.

This is where the complexity of this character lies: knowing how to navigate between the need for control and letting go like no other. Very attached to conventions, Capricorn allows himself from time to time discreet, but spicy digressions that spice up the daily lives of the people around him. You thought you would never laugh at a funeral? Just watch Capricorn remind the whole planet that “that jam-packed church is really all your friend Leo would have adored…Too bad he’s not here to see it anymore.” What kind of drama queen was he for not showing up at his own party, you have to be damn rude for that. It’s fine, slightly black, and tinged with a touch of requirement towards the usual habits and customs. In short, it’s all spitting Capricorn and we can’t live without it. Surround Yourself With These Three Signs If You Want To Always Be In A Good Mood

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