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Are Two People With The Same Sign Really Compatible?

You are a Taurus and you fall for another Taurus? Good or bad idea?

We explain to you whether or not two people of the same astrological sign can get along in love.

In love, everything is a matter of happy coincidences. Feelings take over reason, passion over how to orchestrate the future… Yes, there is that uncontrollable je-ne-sais-quoi in love. Finally, that is without counting on astrology which reveals to us the secrets of our soul. Is love compatibility, a myth? Everyone is free to believe it or not. But the theories are there. They exist and very often, they come to life, giving reason to the planets more than to our feelings. If of course, everything is a question of consent, free will, and feelings, at ELLE, we like to think that there are signs that go better together.that others. Libra/Sagittarius, Taurus/Pisces, Aries/Gemini… To each of the characters of the zodiac, his ideal. Problem: We rarely talk about compatibility between the same sign. This is why we had the idea of ​​giving you a little clarification by answering the question that we ask ourselves all secretly: “Can two people of the same astrological sign get along? »

How To Know The Compatibility Between Two People?

Love compatibility, kezako? Before embarking on great explanations, it seems to us good to go back to the basics. In astrology, we therefore consider that each sign has its own character. Faults, qualities, passions, desires, needs… Everything is written in the stars. So there are people who are made for each other and others who don’t go together. In fact, one would think that lovers sharing the same astrological sign match perfectly. They have the same way of thinking, acting, and loving. The contact is fluid, and easy and the agreement seems natural. An Aries will be delighted to see that another Aries quenches his thirst for adventure, an Aquarius will love that another Aquarius gives him enough space to enjoy his freedom, a Capricorn will appreciate the need for concrete commitment of another Capricorn… And so on.

On paper, the situation seems ideal for a relationship between two people of the same astrological sign to turn into an idyllic romance. But you know, we love deconstructing myths and questioning theories, so we allow ourselves to add a little snag to this story. In reality, to think that all the natives of the same astrological sign are alike is nothing more than a received idea. Yes, there is not one, but several ways to embody your sign. This is why it may happen that you do not recognize yourself in the profiles that are drawn up of you or in your horoscopes. This diversity is explained by the simple fact that you are not “just” your astrological sign. Other criteria come to sweeten your astrological profile. Ascendant, moon sign, position of Venus or Mars in your star chart. Everything can vary, change, and transform certain details specific to the personality of your astrological sign. Result: Two Libras or two Capricorns will never be alike. If you fall for a person of the same sign, you may share many points in common, but differences may arise and disagreements may arise. birth chart and that of your crush.

Can Two People With The Same Zodiac Sign Really Get Along?

After weighing the pros and cons, it’s our Libra side, it’s time to give you a clear answer. Yes, two people of the same astrological sign can be compatible in love. If they share enough common points and their charts manage to complement each other, the two lovebirds could well live their beautiful story. On the other hand, it is possible that the two beings begin to turn in circles in front of a person “who looks too much like them”. For some, otherness is more interesting than similarities. A fact that we also find in certain theories of astrologers explains that we seek in others what we do not have in ourselves. In other words, it is sometimes good to bet on our opposite so that the flame of passion never goes out.

Despite all this, we can share with you the instructions for understanding how love compatibility works, we must remember that astrology is in no way an exact science. Free will obliges, you remain the only person to really know you. It is therefore possible that you give wrong to what you have just been told. Even more, and because we wouldn’t want to separate transient lovers, it’s good to emphasize that you should NEVER prevent yourself from living a story. While you are 10% or 100% compatible, if you fall for the Taurus opposite and you are Taurus yourself, we advise you to go for it! “There is no way to verify which decision is the right one because there is no comparison. Everything is experienced immediately for the first time and without preparation,” wrote Milan Kundera. Let’s try to pay homage to him by letting love take hold of us.Are Two People With The Same Sign Really Compatible?

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