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4 Single Zodiacs Who Are Disappointed With The State Of Their Love Life

Being single isn’t always a negative. Sometimes it’s the best thing for you. However, there are certain signs who are disappointed with the current state of their love life because they’ve been daydreaming about finding their soulmate. They’ve been working hard to find the one, but it still hasn’t happened, which can get pretty frustrating. Here are the single zodiacs who are disappointed with the current state of their love life:


Libra, you’re a romantic, so you always hoped that you would find your soulmate at a young age. You hoped that you would be able to settle down quickly so you could start living out your perfect love story. The fact that you’re still single, even though you have put your heart on the line and risked being vulnerable with others, is disappointing for you. Although you’re perfectly capable of taking care of yourself and are still holding out hope that your perfect person is out there, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re upset about how long it’s taking you to find love. And you’re allowed to be upset about that. It doesn’t make you any less independent of a person. It simply makes you a romantic.


Capricorn, you’re one of the most independent signs in the zodiac. You are perfectly happy on your own — but that doesn’t mean you’re opposed to the idea of settling down. In fact, you would love to find that one special person who is willing to act as your teammate, your lover, and your best friend all wrapped up in one. You’re not a fan of dating around and playing the field, so you were hoping the right person would show up by now. You were hoping you could quickly move past the awkward first date stages and move onto the part where you’re settled down with the perfect person and start building a life together. But that’s not the way things turned out. At least, not yet.


Virgo, you always know the right move to make on paper. Unfortunately, love is not predictable. It’s messy. It’s impossible to plan out. Since you’re such a logical person who always sets strict goals for yourself, you had a timeline of what you thought your twenties and thirties would look like — and you pictured living them with your soulmate. You thought you would have settled down by now, but you still haven’t found someone who meets your standards. Someone who makes you happier than you are alone. Although you know you’re going to find the right person eventually, and that you’re perfectly fine on your own in the meantime, it doesn’t change the fact that you’re disappointed about how long this journey is taking.


Leo, you are confident that you are going to find love because you understand that you’re a catch. You know your worth and are proud that you haven’t settled for less than you deserve just so you could stop being single. But despite all that, you are pretty disappointed with the state of your love life. You thought the right person would have come along by now. After all, it’s not like you’re not trying. You give your all to every relationship. You risk putting yourself out there, even though you could end up heartbroken. But still, you haven’t had any luck. And that’s pretty frustrating.

4 Single Zodiacs Who Are Disappointed With The State Of Their Love Life

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