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4 Signs Who Are Secretly Envious When Others Succeed

It’s natural to feel a little jealous when other people succeed and you feel left behind. But, some signs feel this more strongly than others.

They might celebrate their friends’ accomplishments because they’re happy for them, but there’s also some envy there.

Here are the zodiac signs that end up envying others when they succeed:


You want to be the greatest ever.

When other people succeed, you’ll congratulate them, but inside you feel like you’ve failed.

You blame yourself for not meeting your own expectations. You don’t get the results you were hoping to see, but since other people are able to make their dreams come true, you feel like you’re going wrong somewhere.

But that’s not necessarily true. Every man has his own journey. Everyone moves at their own pace.

You may be doing everything right, but you have to be patient to see the results you want.


You are a perfectionist, so you have extremely high expectations of yourself.

When you see others succeeding while you’re stuck, it feels awful. You feel a great disappointment and feel that you are a failure.

You don’t understand what you are doing so wrong and how they are doing so much better than you when you work so hard every day.

But you can’t keep comparing yourself to other people around you.

Just because they experienced success earlier than you doesn’t mean they are superior to you. It doesn’t mean they are worth more than you.

You need to stop equating your productivity with value because you are special whether or not you achieve those dreams.


You are always hard on yourself.

You blame and punish yourself whenever you feel like you are failing in some area of ​​your life.

This is why it’s so hard for you to see others succeed while you feel stagnant.

You’re happy for them, but you don’t understand why they can and you can’t.

However, there is enough success for everyone. Other people who succeed don’t take away your chance to succeed.

We can all achieve our dreams, we can all live happy and fulfilled lives. Life is not a competition and you have to realize that you are not left behind no matter what is happening around you.


You try hard to focus on your own path.

You lie to yourself that you don’t care what other people are doing, but secretly it hurts to see them succeed while you feel like you’re not even close to achieving your dreams.

You put in so much effort every day, so it’s terrible to not get results.

You want your level of effort to be directly proportional to your level of success, but life isn’t always fair.

You won’t always win, even if you worked the hardest. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up. You have to keep fighting for your dream.

That’s what will make you the happiest. You can’t let anyone else stand in your way.

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