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Challenges Await These Two Zodiac Signs In August

Challenges, complications, and hazards. In the coming days, two astrological signs had better concentrate if they don’t want their projects to turn sour.

Explanation of Jean-Yves Espié’s horoscope.

The second half of August begins. This is an opportunity to fill up with new energies and to take advantage of the breath of fresh air blowing over the zodiac. If for some this announces good surprises, for others, it is the beginning of the problems. Challenges, setbacks, hazards. The stars always have ideas for setting the mood. Fortunately, astrologer Jean-Yves Espié deciphers planetary movements. Each week, through his horoscopes, he shares his advice for living serenely with celestial energies. Between August 17 and 24, 2023, two astrological signs are particularly affected by this change of mood. We reassure you all the same: astrology is not a science, there is nothing fatalistic behind these predictions. It is simply good to be able to know the potential challenges that await us in order to better organize our week. Plan, anticipate, and think about a plan B. No doubt, the start of the school year is fast approaching.

He’s known for being airheaded and not really serious. Aquarius, in good Air sign, is a great inquisitive who always has better things to do. So inevitably, when the astrologer announces that “this summer period is conducive to meetings”, nothing matters to him anymore. He wants to let go, relax, take his mind off things. In short, Aquarius engages idleness mode to be able to flirt more intensely. It’s good for morale, less for business. Jean-Yves Espié warns, with the arrival of retrograde Mercury, setbacks are likely to arise. He will have to be reactive and stay focused if he does not want to be overtaken by events. As Mushu would say in Mulan: “If you want to stay, you have to work! »

Aquarius, therefore, has every interest in keeping their goals in mind. Fortunately, the astrologer wants to be rather reassuring. “The setbacks you encounter are not there to block you. What may happen in the next few days could even turn out to be more constructive than expected. “This forces you to carefully measure the range of your possibilities. The challenges that await Aquarius will help them gain confidence in themselves and their achievements. Better, they can make him realize that he may not be on the right track. What to review his plans to better reach the heights.

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In the zodiac, Taurus is often considered the voice of wisdom. This week again, he will show realism and pragmatism. “You want to climb the stairs that lead to success,” says the astrologer. But if he wants to get there, he will have to redouble his efforts. Blame it on a tense astral climate. “The planets present (Jupiter and Uranus) go out of their way to put pressure on you. The pace picks up, and the rhythm intensifies. Business is back. Everything begins to move in the universe of Taurus. Projects come and go, and negotiations intensify.

It may seem intense and maybe even tiring, but there is bound to be good to be had from all of these experiences. “It’s the perfect time to show off your cards and make the most of your game,” promises the astrologer. Only one piece of advice to follow for the horned beast: this week, you will have to roll up your sleeves, get organized and above all optimize your time and your strengths. Taurus should therefore not forget to take short breaks from time to time. Learning to let go of a little ballast will also give him the opportunity to focus on the most important objectives to aim straight and go far.

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Challenges Await These Two Zodiac Signs In August 

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