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6 Zodiacs Who Have Expensive Taste


From expensive restaurants to weekly mall trips, Taurus loves luxury. Stubbornly ambitious, they work hard to live a lavish life. They buy as many designer brands as possible and like to wear quality clothing. They love a good sale and don’t shy away from treating themselves regularly.


Capricorns aren’t afraid to splurge on practical things. They manage their money well and usually have the funds to indulge a little bit. From owning the best shoes to buying the most reliable cars, these earth signs don’t mind spending a bit more on quality items.


Scorpios like expensive things because it’s always been their dream to afford them. Behind their work ethic, the water sign views luxury as the payoff for their hard work. From staying in the best hotels to eating a meal at a fancy restaurant, they like to indulge in what makes them feel worthy.


Leos like to overindulge in the finer things in life. They often choose high-end brands over ones that could save them some money. Like Taurus, sales are their weakness. They usually lack practicality, so they may come home with more than half of the store.


Libras love beautiful things. And what’s prettier than a designer handbag? Up there with Leo and Taurus, Libras become shopaholics because they can’t get enough of what catches their eye. From the fanciest cars to the most splendid jewelry, these air signs have expensive taste, and they know it.


Aries are big spenders who buy themselves and their loved ones the most expensive items. They believe in living fully and never hesitate to spend. From the fanciest restaurants to the grandest vacations, the fire sign will always want to indulge.

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