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4 Zodiac Signs That Make The Best Scorpio Soulmates

Enigmatic, shadowy, moody, and driven, Scorpio is as deep and dark as the ocean. If one sign, and one sign only, was meant to be a witch, a sorcerer, and an executioner, it’d be Scorpio.

They are also blazingly intense and can be too much for milder personalities to handle. When they run hot, it’s like a solar flare. When they run cold, it’s like an underwater ice cave in the middle of a Siberian winter.

In romance, Scorpios can be devoted, protective, courageous, caring, and an untamed animal in the bedroom. But then again, they can be jealous, aloof, manipulative, obstinate, easily bored, and dangerously vindictive. If you seek to be their life partner, you have to figure out how to stay on their good side, never provoke their bad side, and—most importantly of all—decide if all that drama and effort are worth it.

These are the four signs most likely to lure Scorpio into their lives without getting stung.

1. Scorpio

As the saying goes, “It takes one to know one.” When it comes to Scorpio, a better way to phrase it might be, “It takes one to withstand one.” What better sign to take everything Scorpio can dish out, then to dish it right back with equal sweetness and venom, than another Scorpio? Early in the twentieth century, social critic H.L. Mencken wrote that “When two women kiss, it reminds me of prizefighters shaking hands.” When two Scorpios fall in love, it can hit them—and everything in their vicinity—like an atomic bomb. It will be the best of times and the worst of times—sometimes at the same time. It will be carefree—perhaps to the point of foolhardiness. It will be intense—maybe even overwhelming. The highs will be dizzying, and the lows will be devastating. But if they can both get over their faults, together they can wrestle the whole wide world down onto the mat and force it to tap out.

2. Taurus

Taurus (an intense Earth sign) and Scorpio (an intense water sign) sit on opposite ends of the zodiac wheel, so it can either be a case of them perfectly complementing one another like identical twins effortlessly singing in perfect harmony, or it can make for a climate of endless hostility and conflict like the Hatfields feuding with the McCoys for generations. When you mix soil and water, you’ll either wind up with mud, or you’ll water the soil and make things grow. It could go either way. Both signs can be ridiculously obstinate, which can result in stalemates, standoffs, and an endless tug of war. They can either clash with one another or complete one another. The best way to make it work is if the sly and manipulative Scorpio pretends that Taurus is the boss. Scorpio doesn’t have to let Taurus be the boss, mind you; they merely need to let Taurus think they’re the boss.

3. Cancer

When you pair the two most notoriously emotional signs in the zodiac together, one thing you’ll never need to worry about is boredom. The sexual attraction will between Cancer and Scorpio will be like an irresistible gravitational pull, the emotional connection will be as electric as the entire world’s power grid, and the intensity will be like trying to stare at a thousand suns. What you will need to avoid are hurt feelings. If you hurt a Cancer, they will never get over the pain. If you wound a Scorpio, they will spend the rest of their life plotting revenge. If Cancer and Scorpio can negotiate a way to control their emotions rather than let their emotions rule them, they can be unbeatable together.

4. Pisces

Like every other ideal Scorpio soulmate on this list except for Taurus, Pisces is a water sign, and water signs tend to be drippy, sappy, and bleed emotions from every pore. Both Pisces and Scorpio have more emotions than they know what to do with, so this isn’t a problem—it’s a sign of their compatibility. Both signs can also be introverted, though, and this is where it can get tricky. This means they can each choose to escape into their own world and slowly drift away from one another, or they can carve out a little world of their own—a world filled with passion, magic, intimacy, and never-ending trust. Due to Scorpio’s volatility, the burden here is on Pisces to soothe the savage beast and earn their respect.

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