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3 Zodiac Signs With The Biggest Hearts

Some zodiac signs think more about themselves than they do others. They worry about how they feel and keep others’ feelings as secondary. That’s not the case with these three zodiac signs. Of all the zodiac, they have the biggest hearts. They care inherently about the people around them–sometimes to their detriment. If you’re ever looking for friends who have your back and partners who consider your feelings, look for these three big-hearted zodiac signs.


Aries are big fighters, but not in a scary way. They don’t just battle for the sake of it. Instead, they’re great at fighting by defending people who need the help. If you’re in the life of an Aries, you barely have to ask for their help–they’ll jump at the chance. They’re also incredibly good at sensing the energy of a room and using their empathy to check in on those around them. Sure, they’re known for being impulsive, but sometimes that’s the kind of person you want in your corner, especially when they’re leading with that big heart of theirs.


Cancers care a lot about the happiness and comfort of the people around them. Their empathy skills are through the roof and any time they sense something off with the energy of the people they care about, they make it their mission to make things better. Cancers’ hearts are so big that it can sometimes hurt them in the long run. They’ll put themselves last as they work to make others’ lives better. It can mean that they attract people who will take advantage of their kindness. But if they can manage to keep around only people who appreciate their big hearts, they’ll live an amazing and fulfilling life.


Like Cancer, Pisces are known for having a deep well of emotions from which to draw. While they are full of big feelings, they focus on others instead of sharing their own emotions. Pisces are great to have in your corner because they excel at cheering on their inner circle. They’re the ones who will gas you up before a first date or a presentation at work. If you’re ever feeling like you aren’t good enough, just talk to a Pisces and they’ll show you how utterly wrong you are. With a Pisces, you’ll always be reminded of how you’re an absolute gem, and it’s all thanks to their big heart.

3 Zodiac Signs With The Biggest Hearts

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