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6 Zodiacs Who Will Experience A Life Change During Mercury In Virgo

Mercury will enter the sign of Virgo on July 28th, 2023, and will remain in this sign until October 4th, 2023. Mercury will station retrograde on August 23rd and station direct on September 15th, 2023. During this transit, we are pushed to face responsibilities with Saturn making an opposition to the planet of communication. Mutable and Earth signs will be most impacted by this transit. See how this transit will impact your rising, sun, and moon sign.


Having Mercury transiting your sign shows that this period will bring you much-needed clarity, optimism, and a sense of duty. Saturn has you looking after everything you have pending, bringing more attention to your romantic life. Saturn is here to transform your relationship house, and Mercury wants you to be more honest. With this transit, you are going to be focused on self-expression and being vocal about what you seek in relationships and friendships. The retrograde could have you facing that problematic ex, but you know you have the patience and knowledge to navigate those waters. This cycle has you evolving, including your communication. Be prepared to consider forgiving and releasing, because if you hold onto those relationships from the past, it will keep you stunted in the present. The focus now is not to become your own worst enemy. As a sign that can become its own worst critic, make sure to be optimistic. Nourish and believe in yourself and your abilities.


Fearlessness is the theme with this transit because you are breaking free from those negative thoughts that have you creatively stunted. Mercury has you fueled with more creative energy to do what you love and to be unapologetic about it. If things have not been moving the way you wanted them to, you may feel a wave of courage and determination that will allow you to continue on your road to success because Mercury is highlighting the peak of your chart. It is a time to be honest about what you seek in relationships, since Mercury rules your partnership house. The retrograde period can be a good time to reflect on this. Mercury and Mars are here to push you ahead, whether you feel comfortable or not. As a mutable sign, you are going to be driven to learn, perfect, and continue your intellectual growth. This is your month to evolve and make new changes that will help catapult your career so you can feel like a star.


Capricorns are undergoing a metamorphosis and transformation this year, and this Mercury in Virgo transit will be highlighting this. You are shedding parts of the past to pave the way for this new and more confident version of you. Pluto is currently retrograde, and you are doing the work that will allow you to feel more accomplished in the years to come once Pluto stays in the sign of Aquarius. Many lessons will resurface from this Mercury transit, especially towards the retrograde period and the end. Nevertheless, you know you feel much more powerful, in command, and prepared to show the world what you are made of. Whatever has kept you stunted or afraid will dissipate as you get closer to your power.


Mercury in Virgo will have you testing your relationships. Saturn is giving you the workbook to see what you and your partner can do to make things more solid and meaningful. This is a transit that will ignite your romantic side, especially when Saturn and Mercury dance together and bring you memories that may push you to search for answers in the past. But make sure to look ahead and not be drowned by memories. The past can serve as a learning experience, but make sure to live in the present. How you communicate is important in this transit, since it will impact your relationships. Mercury will also highlight how codependent you are in relationships, so this is a transit that is connected to stepping into your power. Find the balance in relationships and learn to be more independent and not give too much of your power to others.


The year has put you in a position where you must embrace your optimistic side to claim your throne. This Mercury in Virgo transit will highlight all these themes linked to your ambitions. Consider if you are being patient or if you are trusting the process. During this period, you are pushed to slow down, even if things are frustrating. Going slow is not the end of the world, but it will allow you to be more aware of what your true desires are. Make some changes that incorporate more self-care if you are on the verge of burning out. Mercury in Virgo will have you soar, but you need to give yourself grace and be more forgiving when you feel that you aren’t accomplishing what you set out to win. Jupiter in your sign connects with Mercury, fueling ideas, passion, and determination. However, you first need to meet yourself before you can enjoy the gifts that these transits can bring you later this year.


As a sign ruled by Mercury, you will be feeling this transit intensely. Mercury has you generating powerful ideas that can connect to your career. But this is also a transit that has you reconnecting with friends and family. Parties and gatherings can make you feel in your element. There is a lot of power in your words during this time as well. Be careful of looming conflicts; however, because you are so witty, you may have the outcome work in your favor. Mercury in Virgo wants you to be in charge, to take on more leadership roles, and to show the world what you are capable of. There is a need to get overcome whatever insecurities you may have to further grow and take on center stage. Leo season has you feeling sharp and prepared, but Mercury will catapult your self-esteem and teach you to see your worth.

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