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4 Birth Months Who Never Play Mind Games In Relationships

No one wants to waste their time playing mind games in a relationship — but for some reason, it still happens over and over again. But not for certain birth months. They are serious when they say they don’t have time for any drama. Here are the birth months who never play mind games in relationships, so you know they are always going to mean what they say:


People born in January are dependable. If they make a promise, they’ll keep it. If they tell you how they’re feeling, they mean it. They aren’t going to waste time playing mind games because they expect you to be completely honest with them, and it’s only fair for them to return the favor. Besides, they have such busy lives that they don’t have time to deal with drama. They want their relationship to be a safe, relaxing place. They don’t want to stress themselves out even more with unnecessary games. They don’t want to make their life, or their partner’s life, more complicated for no reason.


People born in April aren’t interested in wasting any time because they would rather rush straight to the point. They feel like mind games are pointless, because if they want to date someone, they might as well come right out and say they want to date someone. These people are too impatient to play mind games, not to mention too mature. They don’t feel the need to play pretend about their emotions. They will speak their feelings loudly and proudly. They will explain exactly what is going on in their head. There will be zero secrets between them and their partner.


People born in September are excellent communicators. They would rather lay everything out in the open than keep secrets, even if it means the conversation could get awkward. After all, these people believe that honesty and transparency is essential to any functional relationship. If they can’t trust their partner, then there’s no reason to be dating their partner. They never play mind games in relationships because they want dating to be a positive experience. They want their partner to enjoy time spent together and feel confident about themselves, not question themselves. They want to bring joy to their life, not pain.


People born in November don’t deal with BS. They would rather be single than spend a single second with anyone who plays mind games. After all, it’s hard for them to put their heart out there. If someone messes with their feelings, they aren’t going to be happy about it. They are going to kick that person out of their life without a second thought. If you want to be in a relationship with them, then you need to stay honest. You need to blurt out how you’re feeling when you’re feeling it without any secrets in sight. And they’re going to do the same. They’re never going to play mind games because they don’t think anyone should be forced to deal with them.

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