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Which Movie Mom Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

Rather the pungent Morticia Addams, the motherly Molly Weasley, or the radiant Donna Sheridan in “Mamma Mia”?

Here’s which cult movie Mother is right for you based on your zodiac sign.

An infinity of ways to be a mother and only twelve astrological signs: we know that the calculations are not good. However, you can create a much more nuanced and complete profile using your ascendant and especially your moon sign. Because in astrology, the Moon represents the mother figure or more generally, a gentle and reassuring parental figure. And, it goes without saying, you can identify with all of these cinematic mothers, whether you are the mother of a child, a cat, or no one.

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Aries: Evelyn Abbott In “A Quiet Place”

The character of Evelyn Abbott played by Emily Blunt in the sci-fi movie A Quiet Place has the blind fighting spirit of Mother Aries. No matter what monster it takes to slay to protect its offspring, Evelyn like the Aries shows unfailing strength and courage.

Taurus: Rachel Flax In “The Two Sirens”

Well dressed, very focused on the pleasures of the flesh, and interpreted, without pun intended, by Cher: it’s hard to be more Taurus than Rachel Flax. In “The Two Mermaids” (“Mermaids”), the mother uses her charm to attract the potential stepfathers of her daughters to them. Note: a very Taurus culinary talent.

Gemini: Diane Després In “Mommy”

Disorganized without ever giving up, Diane (Suzanne Clément) is the very archetype of the Gemini mother. With her legendary banter, there is not a situation that she cannot defuse or, at least, make fun of if necessary. Watchword? As long as we love each other, nothing is ever serious. Finally, “if it was enough to love”.

Cancer: Molly Weasley In The “Harry Potter” Saga

Have you just taken a step into the room and she already considers you too pale and not fed enough? It’s spitting Molly Weasley, the most Cancer of the Mothers of contemporary cinema. Julie Walters perfectly portrays this ultra-protective mother who does not tremble before anything or anyone to protect her children. And those of others.

Leo: Donna Sheridan In “Mamma Mia”

Generous, loving, and radiant, Donna Sheridan is a Leo or we do not know. Performed brilliantly by the no less radiant Meryl Streep, she embodies the overflowing love of Leos which, it is true, often needs an outlet at its height. Like a crowd of lovers and, if possible, an attentive audience.

Virgo: Kokori In “Kiki’s Delivery Service”

Kiki’s mother, Kokori, is an herbalist, witch, inventor, scientist… All the ideal caps of a Virgo. In her greenhouse, she multiplies experiments like a botanical laboratory assistant, paying homage to the rigor of the most methodical sign of all. Pompon Virgin on the Garonne, she passes her broom to Kiki as a torch.

Libra: Sheryl Hoover In “Little Miss Sunshine”

Holding everyone at arm’s length without ever flinching or getting angry, constantly bending over backward so that everyone is well at all costs: this is the prerogative of Mother Libra. And Sheryl’s (aka Toni Colette) curse in “Little Miss Sunshine” is exactly Libra’s: to mediate all the time.

Scorpio: Morticia Addams In “The Addams Family”

Couldn’t find a more Scorpio mother than Morticia Addams. As tender as it is mysterious, Morticia has the intransigence and intensity of Scorpions. “I’m like all modern women who try to have it all. A loving husband, a family… But I just wish I had more time to devote to the dark forces and their infernal crusade. »

Sagittarius: Valka In “Dragons 3: The Hidden World”

The nickname of the mothers Sagittarius mothers? “Went off, maybe back, there’s lasagna in the fridge. Harold’s mother was thought dead for years. What was she doing all this time? Explore an underground world on the back of dragons. The dream of any Sagittarius mother who wants to pass on a taste for freedom and adventure to her children.

Capricorn: Olivia Evans In “Boyhood”

Hardworking, courageous, inflexible, and terribly demanding: Olivia Evans is the archetype of the Capricorn mother. Camped by Patricia Arquette, Mason’s mother holds the hearth at arm’s length, in the absence of a father with a fluctuating presence and questionable usefulness. She fully embodies the sense of duty that comes above all else among Capricorns.

Aquarius: Tess Coleman In “Freaky Friday”

Played in turn by Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan, Tess Coleman is Aquarius to her bones. Funny, secretly unconventional, Tess hides it well but she still has a foot firmly rooted in her rebellious and rebellious adolescence. It is by learning to accept the part of revolt in her that she evolves as a mother. Like Aquarius.

Pisces: Irene In “volver”

Present even when she is absent, Irene (Carmen Maura) makes the gift of ubiquity and mediumship: like Pisces. Supposed to be dead, she simply hides in her own home, to have peace. And incidentally, because she burned down her house with her husband in it. The Pisces mother would do anything for her children.

Which Movie Mom Are You According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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