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What Are The Most Cuddly Signs Of The Zodiac?

“I need love, kisses, hugs, I want them every day, I’m like that”, sings Lorie… And the three astrological signs for whom it is unthinkable to prove their love other than by small affectionate gestures.

Have the art and the way. In astrology, each astrological sign corresponds to a particular archetype. We thus discover the fighter, the leader, the talkative, the shy, the romantic, the philosopher, or the pacifist. The characters vary to better complement each other. If we follow this logic, each astrological sign has its own language of love. While some are committed to saying sweet words to you on the pillow, others have a much more subtle way of making you understand that they care about you. Little caresses, tender gestures, hugs by the thousands… Here is the list of the most cuddly of the zodiac.

Spoiler Alert: This Ranking Does Not Contain Any Fire Or Air Signs

We prefer to specify it from the beginning rather than making you wait. First, because Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) hate wasting their time. Then, because we know that the Air signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius) love to remake the world with “ifs”. Only here, if these astrological signs have many qualities, being cuddly full does not really appear in this list. Much more focused on communication and exchanges, they would much rather hear you whisper sweet words than see you invade their personal space. It’s like that. They are fiery and they are worth it. But what they love above all is taking up space and imposing their style.

Their way of feeling connected to others, therefore, lies in the simple fact of finding themselves surrounded. Conversely, the Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are more intuitive and felt. They, therefore, need intense cohesion with others when those of Earth (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) are pragmatists who ask to see to believe. Result: they are the kings of proofs of love and outbursts of generosity… Finally, this is especially true for some more than for others!

The Most Sensual Zodiac Sign

It is no coincidence that his astro-sex profile depicts him as the best lover in the zodiac. Taurus has a strong power of attraction. His ruling planet, Venus, makes him a carnal and sensual being. The five senses of the second zodiac sign are constantly alert. He needs to feel, to hug, to touch… Caresses and hugs have no secrets for him. He combines the right dose of tenderness and charm that makes you feel both reassured and protected in his arms. It doesn’t just stop at her intimate relationships. No, Taurusis just as cuddly with his friends whom he likes to comfort and listen to. Everyone then rushes to his shoulder to cry or find advice. Ready for anything for those he loves, the cosmic ox proves his attachment, his solidarity, and his loyalty through his gestures. If he does not take everyone in his arms, he is not ready to let go of the people he hugs. It’s his way of saying “I love you”. That and asking you if you ate well. But that’s another story.

This Zodiac Sign Is The Most Endearing

With Cancer, we love everything. His tenderness, his devotion, the comfort he can offer us, and his way of protecting us. He has the gift of understanding you without even having to speak to you. With him, the little hassles of everyday life are forgotten with big hugs. Yes, the most intuitive of all the signs is also the one that is considered to be the most maternal. For what? Her favorite star, the Moon, is none other than that of fertility, nostalgia, family roots and dreams. Even more, this Water sign carries with it an increased sensitivity. Generous and sincerely kind, Cancer is the king of “when you love, you don’t count”. Having him in your life forces you to surrender. Do not be frightened by contact or proximity or be afraid of suffocation. Cancer _loves hugs and you’d better hug him back at the risk of seeing him pinch very hard!

This Zodiac Sign Is The Very Embodiment Of “free Hugs”

It’s the very archetype of the artist who spends hours taking pictures with his fans. That of the hippie who walks around with a “free hugs” sign in the middle of a festival. We are hardly abusing when we tell you that Piscesis, by definition, is the symbol, if not the embodiment of universal love. For what? The last sign of the zodiac is ruled by Neptune, the dream. Intuitive, humanist, ultra-sensitive. Pisces cares about caring for others, cherishing them, and listening to them. If he does not always give himself up in return, he knows how to show his compassion and his love through small outbursts of tenderness. Living in community, cuddling, entering into osmosis… So many synonyms that allow him to approach his ideal, namely: to live with love and fresh water in all lightness. He needs to feel like he belongs to a “Great Whole”, and likes to be in contact with others. Same thing in bed, where he perfectly masters caresses. “Beauty pleases the eyes, sweetness charms the soul”, wrote Voltaire. halfway between the two.

What Are The Most Cuddly Signs Of The Zodiac?

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