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These Three Signs Will Be Dating Their Co-workers This Summer

Here are the astrological signs that will not have to go very far this summer to meet people, according to the forecasts of astrologer Shana Lyès.

“Happiness is everywhere, not just in the meadow” sings Mathey in “Ameyatchi, and she could just as easily have replaced “happiness” with “love”. Whether they call it “echo at work” (hello Aries ) or “don’t pick chrysanthemums in the furthest cemetery” (hello Scorpio), we know which astrological signs could flirt with their colleagues this summer, and more if you like. Whether you are more team Pam and Jim in “The Office” or Leslie and Ben in “Parks and Recreation”, this relationship may even lead to something more serious. It will get hot near the photocopier, it will flirt with the coffee machine and it will not only exchange banalities on “Teams”. It’s the stars that say it and, more precisely, the summer horoscope for singles concocted by Shana Lyès. You will never see Damien from accounting with the same eye again.

Horoscope: This Astrological Sign Does Not Have Time To Look Very Far

And for those who know astrology, you know what that means: desire, desire, desire. For others, we explain. Mars is the star that astrology associates with willpower, action and more broadly with desire and libido… But also with the sign of Aries. Jupiter is the largest in the solar system and therefore symbolizes expansion: it amplifies everything it touches. So when Mars is in passionate Leo and Jupiter flirts with epicurean Taurus, anything goes. Literally. The borders are lowered and the Aries feels free to follow his desires. But let’s not forget that Aries is one of the most impatient signs of all and that he has neither the time nor the inclination to look very far. Shana Lyès confirms: “Love is around the corner… or almost! Mars and Jupiter support you to allow you to have a good time with this sexy colleague. »

Horoscope: Networking Has Some Surprises In Store For This Astrological Sign

Here, the atmosphere gives less in the avalanche of adventures of Aries and more in the tasting of Ben and Jerry’s under the duvet while thinking back to what we would have done better to say to this ex, 8 years ago. We are of course talking about Cancers who don’t have the best of summers. “You have felt the need to take time for yourself since the beginning of 2023, especially to heal your broken heart from last year,” explains Shana Lyès. For the astrologer, this summer is conducive to new encounters, but not in just any field. “An unexpected meeting during a barbecue with friends or a networking evening that was added to the schedule,” she says. Since there are not only great professional opportunities in certain evenings, we advise you to open your eyes wide, so as not to miss the rare pearl. And access to the best petit fours from the buffet, that goes without saying.

Horoscope: This Astrological Sign Should Open Your Eyes

“Everyone is making eyes at you, but you don’t seem to notice it…”, states Shana Lyès for the horoscope of Aquarius. And in their defense, it’s hard to pay attention to anything when you’re living almost exclusively in your own sci-fi (with aliens) remake of reality. Yes, they are said to be detached and a bit too west. And it’s not this year that things will get better since Pluto (star of the depths) has decided to enter the constellation of Aquarius. “Between this neighbor who purposely bumps into you, this colleague who only comes to professional parties if you are present… Could it be time to think about opening your heart again? » proposes the astrologer. You who have a weakness in digital, we advise you to go to the IT department more often. You might meet one there.

These Three Signs Will Be Dating Their Co-workers This Summer

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