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We Have Classified The Signs From The Most To The Least Secret

Some astrological signs could easily drop everything to engage in espionage. You are told who within the zodiac is a real grave or an open book.

If some signs could give Ted lectures using their diaries, they would gladly do so while others might kick out of a window at the very thought. Here is the full spectrum of the secret in the signs of the zodiac.

1. Scorpio

No, they don’t (always) stay closed like oysters. If Scorpios seem very on their guard, it’s because caution and mistrust are their favorite dishes. But they know the value of information and intimacy and protect themselves as best they can before being sure and certain that you are worth it. That said, they feed almost exclusively on gazpacho and other people’s secrets.

2. Capricorn

Pulling any worm out of their noses is like extracting a precious stone from volcanic terrain. As cautious as Scorpio, the sign of Capricorn is above all very little fan of trivialities. If he thinks that you have no interest in knowing this detail of his life, it is therefore not useful to communicate it to you.

3. Cancer

The intuitive zodiac crabs achieve the feat of knowing almost everything about everyone at first glance while jealously guarding their secrets under their shells. To tell the truth, for Cancer, everything is potentially usable against them: therefore everything is potentially secret.

4. Virgo

Honest by nature, Virgo can however turn out to be mysterious when you don’t know her. They are cash on all practical matters and ultra-reserved on emotions. Their watchword? Modesty.

5. Taurus

They know it very well: saying too much about yourself can lead to problems. And the less drama there is in their existence, the better off they are. Also, as a precaution and moved by immense laziness to repair the broken pots, the Bulls have prudent confidence.

6. Aquarius

If they hold the middle of this ranking, it’s because Aquarians have a rather personal idea of ​​what is honest or not. Understand: they will tell you everything about their current playlist and nothing about their sentimental double life.

7. Libra

The tightrope walker of the zodiac is probably the one who juggles best between what is best to say or keep silent. She has mastered the right dose of self-disclosure and will share it with you if you are willing to never say what hurts you, as she does.

8. Sagittarius

They would like to give themselves an air of mystery, but it’s stronger than them, they have to be brutally honest. After a few drinks and like Hagrid in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone”, Sagittarians always make this observation: “I’ve said too much. »

9. LeoWhy would she deprive you of any of her thoughts when it seems obvious that she is the star and the light of your life? Leos make a point of entertaining you by being very open with you. Really very open. And yes, they expect thanks.

10. Gemini

With their speed of speech, their glaring absence of discretion and their sense of the gravity of things close to zero, Gemini are incapable of being even a little secret.

11. Pisces

The very concept of “open book” was arguably coined to describe Pisces. No sooner have they met you than they told you about their lives pell-mell, in no particular order of importance and disregarding all conveniences. They have no limits: be prepared.

12. Aries

They rarely confide in their feelings. But rest assured, they don’t need it anyway: Aries ‘ raw emotions read crystal clear. It’s not that they aren’t subtle enough to be secret, but almost. That said, it’s a great thing because with them, you always know what to expect.

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