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How To Survive The Heat Wave According To Your Sign?

Since at this stage, you are certainly no longer one far-fetched method, follow the guide and remember to hydrate yourself and your pet.

Have you tried everything and yet still feel as runny as your umpteenth glass of iced tea? Are you a Pisces and do you feel like you’re evaporating like a Fire sign? Don’t despair, here are some tips based on your astrological sign. Putting them all into practice at the same time is not to be excluded.

Aries: Calm Down

And we know that reading this advice already makes your temples tingle. Your problem? You move all the time, result: you are a hot water bottle on your legs. To avoid overheating, avoid thinking about anything that arouses your anger or libido, which is responsible for about 74% of your body heat. Take a nap.

Taurus: Opt For Fresh Recipes

No need to tell you to stay home, you’re glad you have an excuse to do so. But above all, it will be necessary to make taste sacrifices. Whatever you say, it’s not time for fondue. To avoid summer depression due to the lack of melted cheese, become an expert in vegetable pickles, hummus, guacamole or gazpacho.

Gemini: Unplug Everything

It’s not your fault that your sign worships technology and communication. But remember to avoid heating your apartment unnecessarily by unplugging appliances that you don’t use, such as the oven, or those that heat up the most… Yes, that includes your computer. Take the opportunity to catch up on your reading.

Cancer: Build Yourself A Heat-resistant Fort

Your “regression and barricades” passion is about finding a new outlet. Take the heat wave as the perfect excuse to build yourself a fort (or a teepee) of damp laundry or sheets in your living room. Hibernate in it and please don’t cry too much: you can’t afford to lose water.

Leo: Fan Yourself With Ice Cubes

You who love to sing your hair in the wind when you dry your mane, here is a fresh way to do it. Place your fan behind a bottle of water put in the freezer beforehand, grab your karaoke mic (or your trusty blow-drying brush) and do as usual.

Virgo: Clean Up

Mop the floor and lay out freshly washed laundry. Having a damp floor and clothes that dry helps to humidify the room, thus cooling it. It is also recommended to do the dishes with cold water. And let’s be honest, cleaning your apartment is one of your favorite hobbies. As for other tasks, silence the maniac in you and do as little as possible.

Libra: (Really) Adapt Your Outfits

We know you hate it, but stay at home: terraces that reflect the heat of the asphalt are not your friends. And you, who are the type who don’t want to make any sartorial compromises, it’s time to radically lighten your outfits. Opt for linen and cotton if you have to go out. Otherwise, live naked by betting on the accessories.

Scorpio: Live The Night

Notice to night owls of the zodiac, it’s time to awaken the vampire that sleeps in you. Night owls that you are will be happy to close the shutters and curtains all day to sleep and open everything at night to go about your activities in the cool. No need to be overzealous in ordering a coffin that will only warm you up.

Sagittarius: Green Your Home

“The green plants? I stop when I want”, you said again yesterday to your roommate, after yet another crack in the garden center. But scattering plants everywhere helps to fight against the heat and humidify the air. So go get that half-dozen dwarf palms and monstera to complete your indoor jungle. It was nothing.

Capricorn: Take A Seat In Your Bathtub

If you can telecommute during the heat wave, settle down, and your computer in your bathtub. The floor of your shower will also do the trick. Truth be told, prioritize the coolness of any floor over your sofa these next few days. Your behind will appreciate the fresh tiles, buttocks and earthenware will never have gone so well together. And stop looking at that damn thermometer every three seconds.

Aquarius: Watch Mountaineering Movies

To refresh yourself, rely on the strength of self-persuasion. Sleep to the sound of running water or a thunderstorm, with a bit of luck you will dream that it is raining. The rest of the time, binge on documentaries, series, and films that take place in the mountains or in the snow. To avoid awakening your eco-anxiety, pause social networks.

Pisces: Take A Foot Bath With Ice Cubes

Like Cancerians, avoid any fiction that could make you cry and therefore dehydrate you. Instead, bet on your astrological element: Water. Wet regularly, especially the hands, neck, temples, and finally the feet which regulate the temperature. Make cold foot baths and fan yourself while brushing the cat: he needs it, and your sofa too.

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