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What You Need To Heal Before Meeting Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot

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Your card: King of Cups

You need to work on your patience, Aries. Not everyone is on the same timeline as you when it comes to commitment or getting over emotional pain. Until you can accept those differences in a partner, you’ll likely feel unfulfilled.

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Your card: Death

You have a hard time handling change, often holding on to the present with an iron grip. That total aversion to change might just make your partner feel stifled and held back. Realize that change is inevitable and it can actually be a great thing if you let it happen with grace.

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Your card: The Sun

Optimism is great, but not all the time, for every occasion. Your sometimes-toxic optimism could make your partner feel like they aren’t being heard when they need to have a deep, emotional talk. Accept that sometimes things just suck, and it’s healthy to sit with the pain for a while.

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Your card: King of Swords

Your struggle lies in your balance between being there for others and being there for yourself. The healthiest relationships require both to be on even footing. Be careful or you could end up caring way too much about the other person’s feelings or wallowing too much in your own.

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Your card: The Fool

While you likely won’t want to admit it, you can be a bit naïve when it comes to relationships. You strive to start fresh with every new partner, but you shouldn’t ignore your wealth of past experiences. Learn from the past so you don’t keep making the same mistakes over and over again.

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Your card: The Tower

Even the littlest change can feel like the end of the world to you. It’s the dramatics if things don’t go as planned that tends to be your downfall. Partners will find this exhausting. Work on letting go of the reins and going with the flow when plans change, or that rigidness will drive everyone away.

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Your card: The Magician

You’re good at manifesting what you want, but that confidence means that you sometimes plan poorly. While making decisions based on a whim can feel exciting, sometimes you just need stability. Be that sometimes-stable force for your partner so they feel like they can be on solid ground with you, all while still having little moments of spontaneous fun.

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Your card: The Hierophant

Your independence is great. You feel like you can handle anything. While you should hold on to a bit of that independence into your next relationship, trust that you can rely on your soulmate for things, too. Treat it like a true partnership by working together rather than struggling apart.

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Your card: 5 Swords

Quit playing games. Seriously. All the game-playing will just drive your true soulmate away. Relax, go with the flow, and don’t try to trick them into falling for you. If it was truly meant to be, you won’t need any of that anyway.

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Your card: The Hanged One

You tend to be rigid in your opinions. You feel like you’re right, so why bother entertaining any other ideas? The truth is, seeing something from a different perspective will help you realize there are a multitude of “right ways.” And your soulmate will appreciate you not being so damn rigid.

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Your card: Ace of Wands

You have passion–you just usually channel it toward concrete things, and not relationships. Because of this, your partners often feel like you don’t care about them. If you want to keep your soulmate in your life, try to devote some of the same energy to them as you do your passion projects.

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Your card: Page of Wands

You need to figure yourself out a bit more before you’re ready to find the one. Self-exploration will transform you into the confident and fully realized person you’re meant to be. And when you become that person, your soulmate will be drawn to your flame.

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What You Need To Heal Before Meeting Your Soulmate, Based On Your Zodiac + Tarot

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