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Who is Her Ideal Man According to the Stars (and the Man to Avoid Absolutely)?

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A big-hearted idealist, the Pisces woman is looking for a love story as wonderful as a romantic comedy. What kind of man is she likely to fall for? Here is all the love compatibility of the Pisces woman!

Endowed with great compassion , the Pisces woman (February 20-March 20) is appreciated for her open-mindedness. Also known for being devoted, she is not the type to judge others and knows that deep down inside, it is a fusional relationship that she needs! What are his favorite criteria? Which Zodiac Signs Are Up For The Pisces Woman? Find out who the Pisces woman is most compatible with!

The physical attributes that appeal to the Pisces woman

For the Pisces woman, physical attributes are size criteria! Since she tends to dream and like clichés , her man must be just as impressive as the prince of a fairy tale.

She can set her sights on a man of elegant appearance , the suit as a bonus, over 1m80, relatively muscular, but not straight out of a weightlifting contest! The color of his hair or his eyes is not what matters most. No, for the sensitive Pisces, nothing is more attractive than a man with a fine and expressive face ! She doesn’t want to spend her time deciphering her partner’s emotions…

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These signs that are made for the Pisces woman

The Taurus native (April 20-May 20) is an ideal suitor for the Pisces woman. It provides stability and fidelity : everything a Pisces woman needs to feel fulfilled! As a result, the spark produced warms the hearts of the two lovers! Let’s not forget their common point: both are great romantics!

The Cancer magnet (June 22-July 22) is also a sign that the Pisces woman is compatible with. This duo is synonymous with a healthy love relationship, based on complicity . Alchemy is at the rendezvous to announce to these two signs moments of tenderness and passion!

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Finally, how can you ignore the mysterious Scorpion (October 24-November 22)? The meeting of these two souls promises to seduce the Pisces woman, attracted by this feeling of security that the Scorpio man gives her. Beware, however, of its claws, which can be rather possessive. Love makes you crazy, it’s well known!

So rather prince charming or businessman for the Pisces woman?

In love, the Pisces woman wants one thing: a magical story straight out of a movie . Reality may be nuanced, but daring to dream is her motto ! She is looking for a stable, idealistic man who knows how to keep his feet on the ground. To feel loved, what Neptune’s daughter needs is a passionate soul. Her soul mate must be ready to do anything to put her at ease and remind her how charming she is! In short, the native of Pisces can be seduced by the charming prince who knows how to get out of his reverie and affirm his decisions

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