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This Little Secret to Absolutely Know for Each Sign According to a Famous Astrologer!

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How to succeed in seducing your crush of the moment? Maria Sarbu, astrologer, reveals the best kept secrets of seduction according to the astrological signs!

Are Taurus men the most unfaithful of the zodiac? Are Cancer women the most possessive? Which sign needs the most love ? Suffice to say that the questions jostle when you meet the astrologer, Maria Sarbu, author of several books including “Everything you need to know about men according to their astrological sign” (Ed. Lanore)! To discover without delay in the slide in Astro images: the little secret to know to succeed in seducing each astrological sign.

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How to seduce Aries ( March 21-April 19)?

No hesitation, Aries and their go-getter character like to be pushed around . Thus, “to seduce an Aries man , explains Maria Sarbu, you have to make his animal instinct vibrate.” No question, for example, of taking the first step, it is better to let it come to you . For the Aries woman , “who particularly likes virile men” explains the expert, it will take a lot of initiative to seduce this great enthusiast. Timorous spirit, go your way.

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How to seduce Taurus ( April 20-May 20)?

For Maria Sarbu, “the Taurus man likes women who take care of themselves and who know how to play to their strengths”. So, to seduce an enthusiastic Taurus , you will have to pull out the big game of seduction. A Taurus woman , much more down to earth, needs “the reassurance of a partner who shows stability in her life.” She is for example very sensitive to gifts and different attentions from her other half. The Taurus woman must know that the man who wants to share her life will always be there for her.

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How to seduce Gemini (May 21-June 21)?

Gemini is versatile… right down to the way they like to be seduced. Indeed, says Maria Sarbu “it all depends on his state of mind at the time”. One thing is certain, the Gemini man will appreciate an intelligent and inspiring woman who “will occupy his mind and give him something to think about.” Intellectual energy, debates, puns are very important to him . For a Gemini woman , “intelligence also counts a lot” but as a bonus, she likes dynamic partners who like to go out: play sports, go to the museum, travel. .. The Gemini woman is not really a homebody!

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How to attract Cancer (June 22-July 22)?

The Cancer man is a hypersensitive who can quickly “be preoccupied or even frustrated by not much” comments Maria Sarbu. As “this sign likes to help, it is important to solicit it to seduce it”. Indeed, the Cancer man needs to feel important (or downright essential) for his partner. If you want to please him, involve him in your life. Conversely, the Cancer woman likes to dream and navigate in an artistic and romantic world . If you talk to him about exhibitions, theater or art, he will like it very much. And, “good to know, the Cancer woman prefers the Opera to museums!concludes the astrologer.

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How to seduce Leos (July 23-August 22)?

The Leo man loves delicacy and nobility in the way of being . “The Leo man is very careful about politeness, the way you speak and the care you give yourself.” For example, the Leo man appreciates beautiful outfits, pretty sets, not necessarily luxurious, but chosen with taste. The Leo woman , romantic, needs “that we show her that we are her own lion” notes Maria Sarbu. This powerful personality loves stability and security.

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How to Seduce Virgos (August 23-September 22)?

With the Virgo man … you have to “have a lot of patience” according to Maria Sarbu. Indeed, his very controlling behavior may suggest that he has no feelings. To open his heart, you have to solicit him, ask him for services, a presence with you and occupy his mind in order to help him let go with you! For the Virgo woman , very sensitive, she appreciates “sincere compliments” because she is very demanding, even harsh, towards herself . The Virgo woman appreciates “serious and responsible” people .

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How to Attract Libras (September 23-October 23)?

The Libra man loves beauty in the general sense, physical, but also spiritual, emotional. To please him “we will have to seduce him, manage to make him vibrate” explains astrologer Maria Sarbu. But that’s not all ! “To keep him hooked, you have to manage to keep a little secret garden , because the Libra man is very attracted to mystery.” The Libra woman loves the game of seduction and pleasing. Sensitive to gifts and attentions, she will appreciate even more someone who accompanies her on her path of soul evolution.

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How to seduce Scorpios (October 24-November 22)?

It’s not easy to seduce a Scorpio man. This strong character is often “in intellectual as well as psychic struggle. He needs someone up to his battles. Someone solid who can hold the debate against him, with in addition a little naughty side” explains Maria Sarbu. This misunderstood, with a dominant character, is a passionate person who does not hesitate to provoke his partner and lead him into a battle of ideas. The Scorpio man also greatly appreciates erotic and sensual games . Equally complex, the Scorpio woman likes “challenges, impossible things”.His relationships are passionate and very physical. To seduce her, you really have to have something special to show her, a secret garden to just crack open without revealing everything to her.

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How to seduce Sagittarians (November 23-December 22)?

The Sagittarius man appreciates strong feminine personalities . “Fragile women who play on the sensitive chord, it does not really work with the natives of Sagittarius” explains Maria Sarbu. Another important point: the Sagittarius man “likes adrenaline, travel and discovering activities that are out of the ordinary, all with a lot of good humor and joie de vivre.” The Sagittarius woman , with a very independent character, needs to have time for herself , to “be able to cultivate, even to be encouraged to do so, her secret garden,

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How to seduce Capricorns (December 23-January 20)?

The Capricorn man will be seduced by a partner who helps him “to have a better version of himself on a daily basis” explains Maria Sarbu. Not so easy to play the game of seduction with him! This organized and disciplined man will also appreciate if you put your little grain of salt in his diary… provided that you bring him new ideas or a real plus in his life. The Capricorn woman is also difficult to seduce because she doesn’t really like compliments, nor games of provocation and even less men who put themselves forward. Only solution :“to get her out of her comfort zone, not to leave her in her world, but to bring her into yours… with delicacy!”

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How to Seduce Aquarius (January 21-February 19)

The Aquarius man particularly likes spontaneity . “With him, you have to both be natural and offer him something new,” warns Maria Sarbu. “Being romantic, but not too much, being desirable but letting yourself be desired…” With the Aquarius man, you have to learn how to dose well and not tire him . In a relationship with an Aquarius , it takes more than with any sign, to keep the flame and its interest in you. The Aquarius woman will appreciate a partner who sees beyond the physical aspect and finds what is really special about her compared to other women.“For this sign, friendship is important, and Aquarius often form a lover-friend couple” specifies the astrologer.

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How to seduce Pisces (February 20-March 20)

The Pisces man , sweet dreamer and romantic loves spiritual activities (yoga, meditation…). “In his relationships, the Pisces man also appreciates fluidity, “ explains Maria Sarbu. “With him, we take life as it comes and above all never an ultimatum!” For the Pisces woman , the important thing is to help the other, to feel useful for her other half. “With her, you have to succeed in order to seduce her, to show her how important she is in your life, to also succeed in introducing her to activities that are out of the ordinary,Pisces, men or women, like to play (board games, role-playing games, games with the little ones) because they have kept their childish soul…

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This Little Secret to Absolutely Know for Each Sign According to a Famous Astrologer!
This Little Secret to Absolutely Know for Each Sign According to a Famous Astrologer!

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