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Which Sign Needs Love the Most…and Doesn’t Know How to Say It?

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Which sign falls in love super easily? Which artichoke heart always gets tricked? Dissect all the links between love and astrology!

In love, each astro sign behaves differently! So yes… knowing the love compatibility between each sign is good. But identifying the small and big habits of each sign is even better for living your relationship as a couple!

Which sign makes the most love?

Taurus, with a strong character , (April 20-May 20) is a particularly epicurean sign : he likes to live from day to day and enjoy the pleasures of sensuality… No wonder he is one of the signs among the most sensual of the zodiac !
The misunderstood Scorpio (October 24-November 22) is not to be outdone: the natives of this sign attach immense importance to their intimate life , because they are truly passionate about human relations and above all like to take advantage of all the sides of life!

Which sign falls in love most often?

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When we talk about artichoke hearts, it is impossible not to mention the natives of the Pisces sign (February 20-March 20): these very sensitive and emotional people are very quickly overwhelmed by their feelings, and frolic in spite of themselves.
Intrepid Sagittarians (November 23-December 22) love falling in love, planning romantic dinners , and having new experiences. No wonder then that Sagittarians have so many favorites!

Which zodiac sign loves making love the most?

It is without a shadow of a doubt Scorpio ! The natives of this sign live in the present moment without asking questions, and love to lose themselves in long cuddles in bed… and everywhere else. To find out more about Scorpios, discover In love, which sign will melt the hearts of Scorpios?
Taurus is also one of the most inventive signs : the natives love to make love so much that they keep reinventing their parts of legs in the air. To find out more about Taurus, discover Which sign falls for Taurus in love?

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What is the least favorite zodiac sign?

Scorpio, whose character is often misunderstood , is one of the least appreciated of the Zodiac. Its natives have a very bad reputation , because of their sometimes brutal frankness and their tortured side.
The elusive Geminis (May 21-June 21) aren’t much appreciated either, because of their split personalities that sometimes make them hard to understand.

What sign is most often seen?

The friendly Aquarius (January 21-February 19) is the sign that gets tricked all the time. Indeed, when Aquarius loves, it’s for real, and without any reservations. He therefore sometimes loses his ability to judge, which can play tricks on him.
The sensitive Pisces (February 20-March 20) is too emotional, and unfortunately grants his trust too easily, very often at his expense.

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