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This Sign Is Known To Be The Best Lover In The Zodiac

He is tender, sensitive, sensual and attentive. Find out which is the most carnal and sensual of all the astrological signs.

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We may have dated (almost) all the zodiac, we would like to point out that the judgment that will be made at the end of this article is in no way personal. No, we didn’t wake up one morning with an illumination. As always, and especially because we are afraid of reprisals, we, therefore, prefer to rely on the stars to establish rankings of all kinds. What is the most romantic sign? Who is the one who will never call you back after the first date? Who are those who match perfectly with your sign? Astrology is able to reveal many secrets to us. But, because we are in the season of Gemini (reputed to be that of the gossip), we thought it was time to lift the veil on the best-kept stories of the zodiac. So do not see any favoritism, we are content to repeat the theory. It may sound silly and mean, but believe us, it feels good!

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He has a body, heart, and mind. Born under the influence of Venus, the planet of love and charm, this astrological sign is one of those for whom intimate relationships are a real way of life. Carnal, sensual, tender. From these few words, you may have guessed who it was… The suspense is over, the best lover is none other than Taurus. Second, born of the zodiac, he leaves nothing to chance. With him, each adventure is a fine mix of caresses and sweet words. If it can take time to give in to passion, when he cracks, he devotes himself entirely to the other. Very attentive, he enters into communion with his other half, taking care to satisfy all his fantasies. Voluptuousness and intensity are guaranteed.

As greedy at the table as under the duvet, he knows how to make the pleasure last. Taste, touch, smell, hearing, vision. His senses must be constantly alert, but he mainly uses his sixth sense (intuition) to let himself go. It is in this way, out of love or passion, that Taurus is able to break the taboos. More than this captivating, almost hypnotizing power of seduction, Taurus stands out for its little blue flower side. If it is often classified among the most romantic signs of the zodiac, in bed, this translates into outbursts of desire that make us forget everyday life. With him “sexuality and feelings go hand in hand” which makes the exchanges even more languorous and intense. What makes it unforgettable with all its conquests?

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Do you have a Taurus ascendant or Venus in Taurus? Know that you can also consider yourself to be the winner of this cosmic Lotto. For others, don’t panic. It seemed important to us to specify that in love as in bed, everything is a question of compatibility. If Taurus is voted the best lover in the zodiac, that doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. There are signs with whom he gets along better than others and therefore people with whom it simply does not match. Finally, we remind you that in love as in Romance, everything is a question of agreement, attraction, and desire. Since astrology is not considered a science, it cannot always be right. If you have a crush on Sagittarians and you are convinced that they are the real showmen, no one will come to question your word. Feeling and consent. These are the only ingredients that count for fun!

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