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Are You Really in the Right Sign? Not So Sure…

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It may happen that your real astrological sign is very different from the one you think… All the astral tracks to see more clearly!

Did you know that your astrological sign can vary according to the solar calendar, your planet of influence, the lunar calendar , or even taking into account a thirteenth sign not recognized by all astrologers? If you don’t feel comfortable in your astrological sign , here is some information that may help you better understand the astrological intricacies .

You were born between two signs

Did you know ? Technically speaking, many people actually have two astrological signs. The reason ? Their birth is between the end of a period of one sign, and the beginning of another. This is for example the case of people born between May 20 and 22: they can be considered as Taurus by some astrologers, and be Gemini for others. These date transition periods are also called “cusps” . This blurred boundary between two signs can be explained by the difference between the solar calendar (position of the sun) and the Gregorian calendar. As a result, it is more difficult for these natives of the in-between to know exactly what their sign is. How to do ? The easiest methodis to check the characteristics of each of the two signs concerned , and see which one seems closest to your character. Some people can even have two signs, because their personality corresponds as much to one as to the other! Alternatively, rely on the Chinese astrological calendar which takes into account the year of birth!

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Your ascendant takes over

If the solar and lunar calendars take into account the date of birth of the natives to determine their astrological sign, the ascendant is determined according to the hour of birth . The ascendant is an astrological sign that is an integral part of our personality : it is even said that it is expressed before our sun sign, since it is rooted in spontaneity. In some people, it can even happen that the ascendant largely influences their personality! Moreover, the older you get, the more the ascendant takes over the astrological sign of birth, hence the importance of knowing your ascendant!

You are Serpentine

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The Serpentarius , also known as the 13th sign of the Zodiac, may actually be your true Sun sign if you were born between November 28 and December 18 . Be careful, it is also possible that the Serpentarius influences your character and your zodiac sign. Indeed, taken into account the Serpentarius upsets and shifts the entire zodiac calendar! Here is the zodiac calendar taking into account the existence of this new sign.

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