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Here is the Information You’ll Get in June 2023, Based to Your Sign

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Old news.

You’re not going to be phased in the least by the news that comes your way in April, Aries because you’ve already heard it. There’s no surprise, nothing outside the status quo. But you will question why your source is so late to the game, or fixated on something that’s since lost its shine.

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Faux-pas news.

The news you receive this month, Taurus, is akin to the Britney-barefoot-in-a-gas-station scandal of 2004. Whether you’re the one getting papped, or the culprit is someone you know, this news will teach you to be less judgmental and critical of others. It’s never fun to be the one in the hot seat.

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The good-news-bad-news combo.

The dreaded opening line is directed at you this month Gemini, and no one is asking you to look for silver linings where there are none, but you do have the opportunity to take the hand you’re dealt and play it to the best of your ability. Don’t underestimate the power of a bluff.

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The last thing you were expecting to happen.

We all know you’re the level-headed one, Cancer, but no one will judge you if the news you receive this month is what you were secretly hoping for, no matter how impossible you thought it was. Don’t you dare hesitate or let shock paralyze you? Grab this opportunity and run with it. This has your name all over it.

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Breaking news.

The type of news headed your way this month, Leo, is the kind that requires immediate response and ongoing updates. It’s the drop everything you’re doing kind of news. Not just for you, but for many others affected. Just try not to get caught up in a frenzy until you have all the facts and multiple perspectives.

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The news you were dreading.

We know you consider yourself a doomsday prepper, Virgo, but it’s not that bad. You once considered this news a worst-case scenario, but you’ll see it’s actually an invitation to pivot, to move on from a chapter that was filling you with dread. The question before you, “Now what?”, is full of endless possibilities.

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Cold case news.

Something you thought was put to bed is going to sneak back up on you this month, Libra. New evidence has been found, statements have been corrected or retracted, and the picture you once thought was clear will be refocused. This is the telenovela plot-worthy news that makes everyone’s jaw drop.

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What you’ve been hoping for.

There is nothing cuter than the sweet side of a sour patch Scorpio. You have such pure intentions and simple desires, and this month, one of them will become a reality. Don’t waste an ounce of energy trying to play it cool in front of everyone else, wear that joy proudly on your face.


News that changes everything.

You love the unknown, Sagittarius, but mostly when it’s planned and packed for. The adventures you’re known for. So when you receive news this month that sends you back to the drawing board, try not to get frustrated. You’re constantly adapting, and this new situation will be no exception.

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Sensational news.

The news you receive this month, Capricorn, has been hyped up and exaggerated. Sure, it’s entertaining and interesting, but so is your everyday gossip. Try to take it with a grain of salt, and don’t get caught making more out of it than everyone else has. Discretion is a virtue.

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Déjà vu news.

Something about the news you receive this month will feel familiar, Aquarius. You won’t be able to put your finger on it at first but listen to the feeling. Try to remember what it reminds you of, where the connections lie between what’s happening now, and the lessons you’ve learned in the past. Trust your gut.

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International news.

The news you receive this month, Pisces, comes from across the pond, or the ocean, or an entire continent. Several borders will be crossed before the update makes it to your doorstep, but you’ll go into full Christiane Amanpour mode and know exactly what to do with the information. You’re a professional after all.

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