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Four Signs a Taurus Should Steer Clear of at All Costs.

As a Taurus, you aren’t hard to please! It does take a specific kind of personality to make you happy though.

People who are honest, strong, and reliable, yet sensitive, friendly, and positive are the best choice for you.

There are some signs that will never even begin to fulfill all your needs. These signs are the worst matches for you and you should avoid starting a relationship with them as it’ll only be a waste of your time and energy.


Now this is a combination to avoid as the two signs have completely different energies. Geminis are hyper, energetic people who get easily excited and move from one thing to another.

A Taurus is a slower and steadier kind of person. Your energy is calm. As a Taurus, you don’t get overly excited about things.

What you need most in your life is stability and routine. A Gemini is the complete opposite to this. They love being spontaneous and changing their plans as they go.

If anything, you two are going to annoy each other. This relationship might be fun as an adventure, but it can’t last. Once you’re past the initial attraction your differences will soon become obvious.

You two simply move at very different speeds, and a Gemini will be way too frantic for you. Not to mention they’ll be finishing the race just as you are getting ready to start.

While you can both be intellectual and work as friends (sometimes), a romantic relationship seems almost impossible.


I’m not saying that this combination can’t work – it can – but there is absolutely no middle ground when these two signs get together. It’s either awesome or awful, and sadly the latter is more common.

Maybe, if they are in the right place in their lives their relationship can work, otherwise, it’s just lost time. Usually, one person tries to change the other, and neither of them end up happy.

You, as a Taurus, know that you need a bit of boring in your life. Well, a Sag is way too wild for you. They don’t do boring.

While you are happy to sit home and watch your favorite TV show, they like to go out with a lot of people and party hard.

There is some chemistry between you but it goes to waste once you realize how off-balance you are in other aspects of the relationship.

A Sag might think they are in it for the short term and are therefore happy to have an adventure, while you will be trying to build a relationship that’s going to last.

Your interests and theirs are simply way too different. Not only that, but you find it hard to appreciate each other’s ways of living.

While you need to build a happy, traditional home, a Sag needs constant change and adventure in order to feel alive. They won’t appreciate all the ways you try to make them and yourself happy.

A Sagittarius enjoys short term relationships, and since you’re looking for something long term you really should stay away from them.


Your sign is ruled by Venus, and Aries is ruled by Mars so this match seems very passionate and awesome at first.

Both you and your Aries crush enjoy stability and are looking for commitment, BUT you do both have horns.

Both of you are way too stubborn to compromise.

You enjoy having things your way and having control over everything that happens and an Aries simply can’t stand being told what to do.

Let’s be honest, not many signs can get along with you because of your “my way or the highway’’ attitude, and Aries is definitely no exception.

It’s really hard for them to back down, and these relationships turn into a test of wills. No one wins though.

A Taurus, as an Earth sign, can be very aggressive with words and criticism, and an Aries can be very sensitive and find this impossible to overcome.

Even though it may seem like a good match, your sensibilities are very different and you are both stubborn, which means it is difficult to make things work.


A careless, detached attitude toward things in their lives. Free-spirited, cold, unreliable… Does any of this sound good to you?

Of course not, you’re a Taurus! But these are the traits of an Aquarius. They don’t take their relationships too seriously, and this is something that’s bound to drive you insane.

They will never be able to define the relationship, and you’ll never be able to accept that.

They’ll do all the things that you can’t stand, like being late all the time, forgetting about plans, and being unable to plan ahead AT ALL.

They like innovation, and you like tradition. It’s not that you don’t enjoy them being innovative and creative, it’s just that you prefer to stick to good old traditional values.

Their modern, creative side will soon get on your nerves.

As for you, they are probably going to think you’re way too clingy and needy, perhaps even too sensitive, because they will see your need for security as your weakness.

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