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3 Zodiacs Who Will Be The Luckiest In Love This May

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May is the start of the Gemini season, a time just as chaotic and fun as you are. This will be a great time for you not only because you’re the star of the show during Gemini season, but also because this particular time of the year is perfect for being social. As long as you get out there and be the social butterfly you naturally are, you put yourself in perfect situations to find love. Say yes to events, plan some of your own, and be spontaneous. Above all, go with the flow, because the universe is currently propelling you toward something amazing.

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Venus entered Cancer on May 7th. Since Venus is the planet associated with love and the heart, it should be no surprise that your love energy will be at its peak while this planet is in your sign. Your confidence levels will be through the roof this May, so use that energy to your advantage. Put yourself in situations that your self-esteem might have kept you from in the past. Ask someone out. Go skinny dipping. Wear the outfit sitting in your closet that you’ve been too afraid to wear out. When you lead with your confidence, love is sure to follow.


Mars enters Leo on May 20th. Mars is a fiery planet that most represent assertiveness and energy. With this fiery planet in your Leo–also a fire sign–this makes the latter half of May the perfect time for you to make things happen. No sitting on the sidelines for you. Use your Mars energy to ask for exactly what you want. If there’s someone you’ve been crushing on, now’s the time to do something about it. If you’re going on dates, be clear about your intentions. Flirt with that cute person at the bar. Your luck in love this month comes from you. You just have to go out there and get it.

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