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The 4 Zodiac Signs That Are Overly Serious

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Those of today are the signs that just can’t have a mood, so to speak, light and happy. These are people who rarely let themselves go and for this reason, they appear to be the most serious, but it would be better to say the most serious of the zodiac.

We have decided to tell you about it in depth in this article which will be able to dispel any doubts regarding a topic of enormous interest like this.

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The scorpion is the first of the four of the day and especially in love is never able to live things lightly as the partner requires. He loves having everything under control and has a more than rare sensitivity that makes him act on impulse, always and in any case. His self-control is, how to say, admirable, in everything he does. But sometimes, well, it turns out, very, very exaggerated.

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But let’s go on with the Capricorn, who, especially at work, focuses on a goal and does everything to complete it in the best way and in no time at all. This is a sign that one does not like to live in a relaxed way or any case in a fun way. Instead, he loves to always put his foot on the accelerator, even when there is no need.

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What about the bull? It is a stubborn sign, firm in its positions, and usually likes to joke with others, but up to a certain point. In truth, he is very touchy and serious.

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We can’t say anything different about the Virgo who, when it comes to dealing with others, is like going crazy, when things don’t go the way she says. The joke is not its size. That’s why it is well placed on the list of the day.

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