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4 Zodiac Signs That Over-Romanticize Situations

As the saying goes, “Love makes the world go ’round.” But the problem with being over-romantic is that it makes the world go ’round so fast, you wind up dizzy and nauseous.

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Most psychologists would agree that over-romanticizing a situation comes from low self-esteem. Denied love but desperately need it, some people seek it out wherever they can find it. The problem is, they often look for it in all the wrong places. And they’ll ignore all the red flags just to get their needs met. This is the main problem with being idealistic rather than realistic. Because they are coming from a place of neediness and tragic vulnerability, they wind up with their needs unfulfilled again and again. And there’s no physical injury or disease that’s more painful than a broken heart.

Here are the four zodiac signs most likely to over-romanticize a situation not because the situation is so romantic, but because they are starving for love or attention.

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Pisces are ruled by Jupiter, meaning they are extremely sensitive and compassionate—literally, to a fault. They are dreamers, and dreamers find it hard to wake up. Pisceans will skip through life wearing rose-colored glasses and see the “good” in things even on the cloudiest day. Life is like a romantic comedy to them—but not to their partners. Sensitive and insecure, they will go to extreme lengths to keep a dying relationship alive. Hopelessly romantic, they are too forgiving and unconsciously send out signals that their partner can get away with anything, even cheating. They need to find “the one,” no matter if it’s the twentieth “one.”


When it comes to love, Geminis are love. No matter how many times they get their heart broken, they come back seeking another fix. While they see themselves as romantic, others—including their partners—are more prone to seeing them as needy, weak, and naïve. This makes them especially vulnerable to emotional predators and sadists who don’t care anything about love but who enjoy wielding emotional power over others. Geminis are prone to love-bombing a new flame with texts and gifts and flowers and vacations. While at first it may seem charming, sweet, and even exhilarating to the target of their affection, after a while it starts to seem pathetic.

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Ruled by the moon, Cancers are extremely emotional and always seek to please. There’s nothing wrong with being emotional. Neither is there anything wrong with seeking to please your lover. The problem with Cancers, though, is that they assume everyone is just like they are. They focus so much on the other person, they don’t care—or even realize until it’s far too late—that they’re being mistreated or deprived. They will allow themselves to be exploited and stepped on to the point where their partner loses all respect for them. In many cases, their partners are disgusted by the fact that Cancer sees them as far more lovable and valuable than they really are. What’s worse, once their partner leaves, Cancer is caught entirely off-guard.

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Ruled by the sun, the bold, brash, fiery Lion who is ruled by the sun loves the spotlight. They are more concerned with social status than any other sign, and this is true for romance as well. Leos are the ones who don’t care if they make bystanders nauseous with public displays of affection and endless social-media posts that show them snuggling and canoodling with their newest lover. When they find a new flame, they want to shout it from the mountaintops and write it in the clouds. This is, of course, all very unrealistic. Leos require a level of adoration that no one on earth has the energy, or the willingness, to maintain forever.

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