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The Quote That Every Zodiac Sign Needs To Read This May

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it only has to make sense to you.

not anybody else.

if it makes you happy, it is a good enough reason to do it.

if you think that it is what you need,
it is a good enough reason to do it.

it doesn’t matter if others don’t agree, they are not you.

make your own mistakes.

Ron Lim, no idea what I’m doing but f*ck it

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Never regret loving someone with everything you had, even if it didn’t last. Even if you no longer have their number saved or if you can’t remember whether their birthday was the sixth or the fifth of October or if you wouldn’t dare say hi to them if you saw them at the bar on a Friday night. Because love is always a worthy endeavor, and no time spent loving another person is ever wasted.

Molly Burford, Moments To Hold Close

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You discover your soul in the quiet moments you spend alone. You find yourself through your daily habits and routines and by spending time with the ones that matter most. You find yourself by making peace with the thoughts that keep you up at night, by unlearning years of conditioning that teach you happiness can only be found in peace, products, and places. The answers you are seeking are within you, it’s society that’s taught you to look outside of yourself.

Taj Arora, Little by Little

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When you finally decide to choose yourself, you will feel the deepest sense of satisfaction, the most lucid inner knowing that you’ve chosen the right path.

Despite the discomfort, you will be certain that you’ve made the right decision.

And as you continue to flow through life, you will repeatedly thank your former self for honoring your future self.

Déjà Rae, Come Home To Yourself

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They lost. Not you. No, not with that loving heart of yours. Not with those kind eyes that see the greatness in others. With that resilient soul that refuses to quit, and that has the tenacity to love during the most trying times and the darkest days. Not with your pure character that holds firm to good values. That refuses to follow society’s path of anger and hate. Not with your energy that invigorates every individual you encounter. They lost.

Jamal Cardoura, Holding Space for the Sun

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Sometimes you can go through the same situations over and over again until you finally decide you want to do things differently. Please don’t punish yourself for taking your time to figure it all out, and be sure to forgive yourself for the mistakes you made while you were growing.

Charlotte Freeman, This Was Meant To Find You (When You Needed It Most)

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Healing is not only an act but also an attitude — an attitude of believing in yourself and your prayers, trusting that you are capable of repairing imbalances and becoming whole again, and accepting that this rebirth is a power only you hold within.

Karin Hadadan, Beauty in the Stillness

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I am not going to wait
for someone to make me whole.

I am going to take all of the love
I have been giving everyone else,
and I am going to give
it to myself.

Bianca Sparacino, The Strength In Our Scars

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It’s time to stop getting in your own way and it’s time to start living in a way that, a little bit each day, you begin to become who you know you are capable of becoming. It’s hard enough when circumstances out of our control interrupt our paths, sometimes it’s just as difficult to look back and know we could’ve made a change sooner if we trusted ourselves. This is your sign to do what you know you need to do in order to improve your life — even if you’re doubting, even if it pushes people away, even if it’s not the easy way to go from here. At least give yourself the chance to try. You deserve for things to go up from here.

Jacqueline Whitney, Stay Until Tomorrow

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And so it goes:
you love someone and then you don’t anymore.
This is it, you think, this is all there is.
But you have to believe in something greater.
You have to believe
there is more waiting for you and you will love again.
And until that happens, be still.
Tell yourself this until it sinks in:
there is more waiting for me and I will love again. 

Kelly Peacock, Somewhere In Between

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If you are to lose yourself in anything, lose yourself in your dreams. Love yourself to your purpose. Lose yourself to your art. If you are to lose yourself in anyone, please never to another soul, lose yourself only to your own heart.

Charis Ed, All The Love You Carry

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We must remember that another person breaking us does ot mean we have to break ourselves. We do nt have to take the pain they’ve inflicted upon us and amplify us. We do

not have to conclude that we deserve that pain, earned that pain, justify that pain. We can take that pain, affirm that it isn’t ours to keep, understand that it is a reflection of their pain, set it down, and move forward.

Parm K.C., you will feel whole again

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