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4 Zodiacs Who Sabotage Love (And Are Afraid To Be Vulnerable)

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Gemini is notorious for allowing their fear of commitment to destroy their love life. That fear stems from an even bigger one—they’re afraid to be vulnerable. This is why Gemini is such a chameleon, always adapting their personality to those around them. They project themselves how they want to be perceived around different people—a different thing for each person. It’s not so much a mask that Gemini puts on, as it is them deciding which sides of themselves they want to show and to who. By showcasing their many faces in this fashion, they’re protecting themselves from ever being truly known.

The Twin isn’t naturally comfortable with emotions and sensitivity. They’re masters of shielding themselves from their true feelings. In romance, they have trouble getting closer on a deeper, more emotional level. Gemini will tell themselves that it’s out of fear of being tied down or feeling confined—that they could be missing out on someone better out there by settling down. While this is true to some extent, Geminis just struggle with feeling exposed. So, they’ll gravitate toward more casual types of relationships with shallow people who are “safe.” Gemini could never truly fall for someone without sustenance and depth—they couldn’t be hurt by this type of person either. Gemini also sabotages love by keeping their distance from those they feel a genuine connection with. Gemini tends to give too much of themselves away when in love, so they may fear being the sacrificial lamb like they have been in the past. This sign can push away a good thing for something that they know deep down could never emotionally fulfill them.

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Cancer possibly has the most immense heart of all the zodiac. The Crab is afraid to be vulnerable because they have the capacity to be the most vulnerable of all the signs. No one desires “the one” more than Cancer. They dream of a true future with someone (usually with marriage and family and all the work). It’s important, no matter the goal in sight, for this sign to ultimately find a partner to build a home with. They have laid it all on the line and sacrificed it all in the name of love before. Cancer is generous in relationships, with a willingness to give and give and give. So, they often attract selfish and toxic partners—people who only know how to take. Cancer has made many unhealthy compromises in the past in order to keep a relationship alive. When they fall for someone else again—real love—they sabotage it out of fear of being at someone’s mercy again. Typically, they self-destruct by cheating at the beginning of a beautiful romance, or by hurting the other person in an irrevocable way.

Cancer is also afraid to reveal their true self—they struggle with deep insecurity. So, they hide a warm, soft creature behind a hard baddie facade. This sign constantly struggles with asking themselves if they’re good enough. They’re afraid that if they were to let someone else get too close, that person would see that they’re not. Cancer fears abandonment after discovery, so they will retreat into their shells and hide from something good. In doing so, they keep the true intimacy they crave forever out of reach.

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Virgo has an inherent fear of love—of the consequences of true vulnerability. Virgo would never admit that they want to be uncovered, but it’s one of their greatest desires—it’s also one of their biggest fears. They constantly sabotage the possibility for two reasons—they don’t want anyone to see their weaknesses and they can’t ever shake off the feeling that they need to protect themselves. Virgo would never want anyone to see how truly sensitive they are. Deep down, this sign struggles with feeling truly worthy and beautiful. They’re extremely critical of others, but they’re harshest on themselves. Virgo works tirelessly to keep their self-perceived flaws hidden, so they hide behind self-constructed walls. Beneath it all, Virgo is a delicate person with a tender heart.

Early on in romance, Virgo will try to suppress or rationalize away their feelings. When that doesn’t work, they mentally set the expectation that their match can never disappoint them. They’re quick to pounce on any excuse to not fully trust the other person—to grasp onto anything that will prevent them from opening up. With Virgo, you’re either with or against them. This sign constantly questions romance and relationships, overanalyzing and nitpicking away at their lover’s words and actions. They wonder whether it’s the right person, quick to nurture their doubt at every little fault and incapable of ever forgiving. Virgo just can’t let themselves relax enough to enjoy being the object of someone’s affection. To avoid getting hurt, they’re constantly trying to be one step ahead of their significant other. The biggest imaginable pain for a Virgo is loving someone more than that person loves them.

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Scorpio expects full transparency from others at all times, but never really shows their true face. This isn’t to say that this sign is hypocritical or insincere, but that they protect themselves by never truly letting themselves be known. Peel back a layer, and find another couple hundred thousand underneath that one—not that this Matryoshka doll would ever let you get past the first. Scorp is naturally distrusting and suspicious of others. When Scorpios allows themselves to open up, they don’t do so lightly. This is because when they truly let someone in—friend or lover—they do so with the intention of having that person forever in their life. They’re extremely selective and put serious thought into who they allow entering their lives.

It’s all or nothing for a Scorpio. Their emotions are that way, too. No creature is as intense. Scorpios doesn’t just feel love, they live for it—it consumes them. When someone hurts them, they have an almost impossible time letting go of that betrayal or heartbreak. For this reason, they are often afraid to get close. Often, they hold their partners accountable for the mistakes of their exes. In love, they’re constantly on guard waiting for the other shoe to drop. Scorpio pushes healthy, real love out of their life because of their fear of vulnerability. They test the other person to the point of breaking, without ever really giving them a chance to prove themselves. Scorpio refuses to ever give up power and control, and that’s how loving another person makes them feel. They can’t be helped in love—they’re driven by their passion (and paranoia). Many Scorpios can be in a relationship for years without ever truly giving their significant other the benefit of the doubt, or ever allowing themselves to be truly seen.

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