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The 4 Most Genuine Zodiac Signs

Some zodiacs feel pressured to put on a performance in order to get others to like them.

They hide their true feelings or dance around the truth because they’re worried about getting judged or ridiculed. But other zodiacs don’t let others’ opinions impact their behavior. They are one hundred percent themselves, no matter how it might look from the outside. Here are the most genuine signs in the zodiac:


Libras are always able to see the positives in others. They understand that everyone on this planet has something unique to bring to the table and there’s not one right way to look or behave. There are thousands of different ways to succeed. Thousands of different ways to be beautiful. Libras wouldn’t want anyone else to hide their true nature, which is why they are always genuine. They hope that their authenticity inspires others to love themselves exactly the way they are. Libras don’t see the point in pretending to be someone else because they understand that their real self is valuable.


Aquarius isn’t going to say what you want to hear in order to win brownie points. They aren’t going to tell little white lies or nod along when you’re saying something that they disagree with entirely. This sign couldn’t care less about fitting in with the crowd, so peer pressure isn’t a problem for them. They are happy to stand out. They pride themselves on their unique personality and appearance. They aren’t going to change in order to fit into a certain group because that group clearly isn’t meant for them. Aquarius are unapologetic and one hundred percent themselves at all times, so what you see is what you get.


Taurus are stubborn themselves. They aren’t going to change for anyone — and if someone shames them for being who they are, they won’t deal with that person anymore. They only surround themselves with people who appreciate their authenticity, and feel refreshed by their honesty and transparency. Even though this sign can suffer from self-consciousness and wishes that everyone liked them, that doesn’t mean they’re going to change for anyone. They are going to be themselves and give their real, unfiltered opinions because they are who they are. It’s as simple as that.


Some people might think Pisces are putting on an act because they’re always so attentive and kind — but they really are that sweet. They genuinely care about others and want the best for them. They genuinely are trying to help and have hope that everyone can just get along. This sign isn’t going to lie about loving you or about how much you mean to them. Every word out of their mouth is true. They are one of the most authentic signs in the zodiac, so you can trust what they’re saying. You don’t have to wonder whether they have an ulterior motive or whether they’ll backstab you in the end because it’s not going to happen. They are going to continue treating you kindly as long as you do the same.

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