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The Healing Wisdom Every Zodiac Needs For May 2023


I want you to know that you are so much more than the sadness you feel, and the parts of you that you think you hate, and the regrets you can’t let go of. You are more than the people who have hurt you, the people who have left you, and the people who never even bothered to show up. You are more than the perceived mistakes you’ve made, and more than the dreams you haven’t yet chased.

Parm K.C., You Will Feel Whole Again


Stop minimizing and discounting your feelings. You have every right to feel the way you do. Your feelings may not always be logical, but they are always valid. Because if you feel something, then you feel it and it’s real to you. It’s not something you can ignore or wish away. It’s there, gnawing at you, tugging at your core, and in order to find peace, you have to give yourself permission to feel whatever it is you feel.

Daniell Koepke, Daring to Take Up Space


You deserve to receive all that you give. You deserve someone who returns to you all of the magic that you pour into them. You deserve to feel like the radiance you shine onto others also makes its way back to you, warms your skin, and stays in your heart. You deserve to be met halfway and to feel like you are not giving endlessly without being replenished. You deserve reciprocity. You deserve to be treated with all of the kindness that you carefully bestow onto the ones you care for. You deserve to feel cared for too. You deserve to feel like the ones you provide a resting place for will also let you rest within them. You deserve to be treated lovingly and with ease, just like you do for those around you. You deserve to enjoy the fruits of the seeds you have so lovingly and tenderly planted.

Parm K.C., You Will Feel Whole Again


Above all else, I hope you give yourself permission to believe that you are not defined by a person’s inability to love you or by a person’s inability to choose you. I hope you do not abandon who you are even though they did. I hope you do not neglect or question yourself even though they did. I hope you remember to love yourself better than they could, I hope you learn how to give yourself that kind of strength. I hope you remind yourself that you are rare, that you hold value here. I hope seasons of being misunderstood, of being unappreciated, do not cause you to see yourself through the eyes of those who could not celebrate you or support you. Above all else, I hope you connect with just how worthy you have always been. I hope you give yourself permission to be all that you are.

Bianca Sparacino, A Gentle Reminder


You are going to meet people who don’t want you to recognize your own light. They want to benefit from your light without you seeing it so that they don’t have to compensate you for it. They want to use it to light their way. They depend on you not comprehending it. They depend on you being so unaware of it that you give it away for free. They believe that if you never realize its power, they can continue to gain from it without ever really giving you anything in return for it. So please, see it. See your own light. Revel in it and let it guide your way. And share it only with those who not only truly deserve it, but who help you see it too

Parm K.C., You Will Feel Whole Again


I wish I had learned sooner that people can
still love you even if their love is
different than yours.

People can still love you even if they don’t need you like
you need them. They can still love you even if they don’t say
it as often as you’d like.

Sometimes you just have to trust.

Love is worth the risk.

Eileen Lamb, Be The One


Seek a love that lets you love you too. A love that gives you room to be, just as you are. Seek a love that only grows the more you love yourself. One that isn’t scared of your loyalty and devotion to you. You deserve a love that sees only benefits in your healing. And which cheers at the sight of you thriving. A love that knows your love for yourself doesn’t take away your love for them. You should want for a love so self-assured that it does not feel threatened. One that doesn’t ask you to hide or bury yourself. A love that reminds you to love yourself, even on the days you’ve forgotten how.

Parm K.C., You Will Feel Whole Again


There’s no sense in me telling you that you’ll be okay because right now, I know you won’t believe me. You’ll think I just don’t know how you feel, or that I haven’t been hurt as deeply as you have, or that I simply couldn’t put myself in your shoes. None of this is true but I’m not here to convince you. So I’ll tell you something else instead. I’ll tell you that you’ll make it through this day. Today. I’ll tell you that if you take breath after breath, put one foot in front of the other, and move forward in even the tiniest way, that you will make it through this day. I’ll tell you that when you go to bed tonight, you should feel proud of yourself for facing the day and facing yourself and mentally preparing yourself to do it all over again tomorrow. I’ll tell you that if you try to make it through the day, each and every day, eventually it won’t feel so arduous. Eventually both the morning and your heart won’t feel so heavy. Eventually, you will feel whole again.

Parm K.C., You Will Feel Whole Again


You’re going to realize it one day- that happiness was never about your job or your degree or being in a relationship. Happiness was never about following in the footsteps of all of those who came before you; it was never about being like the others. One day, you’re going to see it–that happiness was always about the discovery, the hope, the listening to your heart and following it wherever it chose to go. Happiness was always about being kinder to yourself; it was always about embracing the person you were becoming. One day, you will understand that happiness was always about learning how to live with yourself, that your happiness was never in the hands of others. It was always about you. It was always about you.

Bianca Sparacino, The Strength In Our Scars


It is your responsibility to constantly evaluate whether your surroundings are inspiring you to become a better person or requiring you to dim your light.

Déjà Rae, Come Home To Yourself


For reasons we can’t explain, we meet people and know we were meant to love them, even if it’s just for a little while. Whether or not we stay with these people, though, a part of us will always be tethered to them, no matter how hard we try to stay apart.

Kelly Peacock, Somewhere In Between


There is more to you than this pain. And there is more to life than the person who caused it. You don’t exist for anyone else. You don’t exist as merely a tiny part of the memoir of the one who hurt you. You have your own memoir. You are the protagonist in a much bigger tale that can only play out if you trust that you are so much more than the pain, and that your life is so much more than the person who inflicted it.

Parm K.C., You Will Feel Whole Again

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