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How You Get Out Of A Rut, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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Find the easy wins.

Aries, you get out of a rut by treating life like an adjustable basketball hoop. Lower that thing as much as possible, and celebrate every slam dunk like you’re a pro. Seek out the things in life that are attainable right now. Cook one meal a week. Walk around the block. Wash one load of laundry. Play a video game. Anything that makes you feel like you are accomplishing something. The momentum will help get you over whatever hump that’s been in your way.

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Splurge on affordable luxuries.

Everyone bought new sweatpants during the pandemic, Taurus. When people had no clue if they’d be losing a job, or doing one from home, sweatpants allowed everyone to be physically comfortable in a time of emotional panic. The same is true for the way you get out from under a rut. Find the things that have the greatest comfort return on investment — whether it’s takeout, a new book, or art to hang on a wall. Injecting your life with small pleasures can fuel a shift in mindset.

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Schedule time for self-care.

When you get in a rut, Gemini, it’s because you’re taking care of everyone but yourself. So go full Patrick Bateman with your self-care routine. Grab a loofah, put on a clay mask, slather on that five-step skincare regimen, and start the day a refreshed person. Don’t forget the bigger stuff either. Get a haircut. Make a dentist’s appointment or a physical. Refill your medications. Your well-being needs to be the number one priority until you get back on track.

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Sleepover with the squad.

There is something about a sleepover, Leo, that bonds people on a whole new level. It’s not drinking after work or dinner or the movies or a party. When those social gatherings are over, everyone gets to go home, put on their pajamas, and relax. When that becomes the premise of social interaction, people are more authentic, and more at the moment because they don’t feel the need to be “on”. You get yourself out of a rut in these non-performative interactions.

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Lose yourself in a book or TV show.

You sympathize with others more than you do yourself, Leo, so getting sucked into a storyline is how you pull yourself out of your rut. Once you’ve emotionally connected to a set of characters, you start to draw connections between their plight (aka the plot) and your own personal struggles. Storytelling is about conflict and resolution. Rooting for someone else, and watching them overcome an obstacle will teach you to be kinder in the way you perceive yourself and your own circumstances.

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Stress clean.

You get yourself out of a rut with your toys, Virgo. Not the battery-powered kind, the ones that plug into the wall. I’m talking about the vacuum, steam cleaner, power washer, you name it. It would be a disservice not to mention the 360 dusters with an extendable arm that helps you reach the fan and the baseboards, or the magic powder you saw on the internet that can supposedly strip your pillows. When you need to reset your life, you reset your space. It’s as simple as that.

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Create something.

Libra, you get out of a rut through creativity. The times when you feel bored with life, when you feel beaten down by routine when something just sucks the joy out of your day, are actually the times when you are most relatable. You may not see yourself as capable of expressing anything worthwhile through art, because you gravitate towards escapist works. There is a whole other side of art that is about capturing the human experience. Some of the best stories ever written are full of the mundane.

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Sexualize solitude.

Get into the tub with a glass of wine and a bunch of candles, Scorpio. Buy pajamas that make you feel sexy, and wear them to be alone. Experiment with different ways of presenting yourself until you find those few simple things that make you feel powerful and alive. Maybe it’s red lipstick, a sharp watch, new shoes, or a new way of styling your hair. Embrace this thing, however small, and do it for yourself, even if you’re home alone all day. Let the ritual of it slowly change your mindset.

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Learn something new.

Your mind is always seeking new forms of knowledge, Sagittarius. When you get bogged down in a rut, finding a way to be a beginner again, is how you start to thrive. You’re not afraid to start from square one and love the organization that goes into tackling a new project or skill. Developing that routine of work and progress is how you incorporate happiness and motivation into the rhythm of the everyday. Hobbies become habits, and habits can positively impact our emotional and mental well-being.

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Budget for something big.

It’s saving for the vacation, the new car, or the luxury accessory that plucks you out of your rut, Capricorn. Setting your eye on a big prize gives the slogging along and chipping away at everyday tasks a higher, worthier purpose, meaning, and value. When you get caught up in the existential panic of “Why am I doing this?”, you need to create an answer for yourself. A routine you’re not in love with becomes the fundraiser for your passions, dreams, and pursuits.

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Explore your neighborhood.

When you’re in a rut, Aquarius, nothing helps more than picking yourself off the couch and getting out into the world. Your surroundings have much to offer, no matter where you choose to live. Find local sources of joy, nature preserves, coffee shops, museums, stores, dives, and restaurants. The things that give your home a unique character all its own. Seeing what others have created through hard work will inspire you to follow your own dreams. Interacting with your neighbors will ground you through connection.

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Get physical.

When you’re stuck in your head, Pisces, you need to reconnect with your body. I’m not saying take up CrossFit, but starting the day with a walk, some stretching, or simple housework can jump-start your energy just as much as your caffeinated drink of choice. A shower or skincare routine can invigorate your senses, and give you that jolt to shake off morning grogginess. The right playlist can get you moving in ways that evoke confidence and joy powerful enough to permeate your day.

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